Kyra wins rematch against Luanna and recaptures lightweight gold

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Kyra on top of Luanna in absolute. Photo: John Lamonica.

With a lot of provocation from the band stands, Luanna Alzuguir and Kyra Gracie had a rematch in the lightweight final just now.

In the absolute, Luanna took it by a score of 5 to 0 and closed out the openweight division with Gabi Garcia. In the lightweight final, Kyra started out the better, looking to manage a back mount and going ahead by an advantage point. Luanna fired back with an overhead sweep that obliged Kyra to spin in the air so as not to get swept. Tied at 1 to 1 in advantage points, Kyra landed on top and worked for a pass while Luanna threatened with sweep attempts.

In the end, the three judges handed the win to Kyra, who recovered her thrown after her defeat in 2009. Kyra’s time spent studying match tape paid off. Congratulations to the Gracie; congratulations to Luanna, as well as the cheering sections that rose the roof in the Long Beach gymnasium.

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