Play for the fans, General!

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You don’t question a decision made by the general, especially when the general in question is a respected winner, and a hard nut to crack at that.

But when the general is leader of Alliance Fabio Gurgel, his decisions influence the entire Jiu-Jitsu fan population. Pointing out the two Alliance representatives in this Saturday’s absolute black belt contest is in the hands of Gurgel and Romero Jacaré.

That’s where the choice influences fans’ lives, and big time. We cross our fingers in hopes of seeing Marcelo Garcia riding a giant’s back in the absolute.

Marcelo and Gurgel train in California. Photo: Ivan Trindade

Alliance’s selection would tend towards the heavier ones, though. Tarsis Humphreys and Bernardo Faria are the likely picks, as they are in supreme form and in competition rhythm. Gurgel and Jacaré know how to make their picks, of course.

But the fans, this here reporter, and the thousands of spectators watching over would get a lot more excited if they were to see Marcelinho in his weight class and the absolute. And that is our request – begging forgiveness in advance and bracing for any backlash from the General (probably in the comments section below, as Gurgel is an avid reader):

Play for the fans, General. Call up Sergeant Garcia for the platoon on the frontlines. We guarantee the folks in Long Beach will not be let down.

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