Jiu-Jitsu invades Republic of Syria

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Black Belt Zaid Mirza held a three-hour seminar in the Syrian capital Damascus.  The seminar was held last weekend at the gym of one of his blue belt students, Mr.  Mazhar Al-Dardari. More than 40 students attended the seminar, many of them Judo and Aikido black belts.

“Mazhar has a martial arts experience. He is a black belt in both Judo and Aikido with 20 years of experience. Now he has decided to take up Jiu-Jitsu as his new art. He is doing great work spreading the sport in Syria. He drives four hours every weekend along with his students to come and train at our academy in Jordan,” says the proud Zaid Mirza.

Syria is to open two new gyms this year under the umbrella of Team Mirza. New Brazilian black belts are to arrive in the Syrian capital to assist Mr. Dardari in his labors to spread the art. New affiliations for Team Mirza are also opening in Lebanon, Egypt, and other neighboring countries. For further information regarding affiliation contact Team Mirza @ zmirza9@hotmail.com

Check out this highlight video of the seminar in Syria:

{youtube XoSXq4puR-M}

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