Cristiano Marcello requests no contest

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Cristiano Marcello against Mandarina. Photo: Carlos Ozório

The fight between Cristiano Marcello and Costa Rican fighter Alejandro “Mandarina” Solano at Bitetti Combat stirred up a good deal of controversy. While Mandarina felt he deserved the win, Cristiano feels the referee made a mistake in bringing the bout to a halt prematurely.
“The first round was all mine. In the second I opted for the wrong strategy. I should have taken him down, where I’m superior, because striking is a game of chance. He really did get me good with that strike, but I hit the cage and was coming back when the ref interrupted. If he would have finished or If I would have recovered, no one will ever know because the ref made a mistake. There’s no doubt his strike landed, but the doubt will always be there. There were a few times when I could have defined it in the first round; the ref could have stepped in, but there will never be an end to the fight. If the event is serious about doing what’s right, they’ll reclare it a no contest and have us fight again. It’s the only way we’ll know how it really should have ended,” said the Royler Gracie black belt, adding:

“It was a mistake to bring the fight to a close prematurely like that, but it was not ill-meaning. I think it was inexperience above all else. I feel that if it had been Mario Yamasaki in there, the fight would have played out. To have a rematch of this fight in Bitetti Combat this one will have to be declared a no contest. It was a refereeing error, but he is part of the event, so the event has to take a stand. Everyone saw what happened. A lot of shows declare no contests and, if it exists, they need to use it,” he says in finishing.

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  1. Davito at 2:20 pm

    If the referee stopped the fight, he had a reason of why to do that. If Marcello lost, that is not a big deal, Every body can lost a fight, even emelianenko lost couple of years ago in his own Sambo style. If the costarrican kid won, HE WON! that’s it. Cristiano won the first round, and the costarrican was not complayinig about, he went again to fight… I mean, If the referee sayd that mandarina won, that is a chance that we all have run sometime when there is a referee involved. Another thing, The Mandarina, he really hit Cristiano’s head at that KO… If the referee would give 5 o10 seconds more, that could be harmfull to marcelo, and I think that maybe that could be point of the referee.

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