Brain aneurism victim Pedrinho Brandao

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The sum of a man’s life is not measured by the words he says or the promises he makes. It’s calculated by the actions he takes; the values he lives by; the character he demonstrates; the honor he portrays; the integrity he possesses; and the kindness he shows to the world.

A happy Brandao back to BJJ training at GB America

If Pedrinho Lacerda Brandao was judged by these tenets, then his life would be deemed a success.

Brandao had the heart of a lion. He was a warrior; a soldier; a fighter; a competitor…he was all those things and more. He was a Gracie Barra black belt; an Army Ranger; a husband; a father; a brother; a teacher; a mentor; and a friend. He was fearless in life, which he lived to the fullest. His young, accomplished life was suddenly and tragically cut short, but the legacy he leaves behind runs long and deep.

Brandao’s journey in life began in Rio, and was molded by Jiu-Jitsu and the friends and family he made through it. “I started training BJJ because of Flavio (Almeida),” Brandao said, “We lived next to each other and surfed together. Flavio, Marcio (Feitosa), Piu Piu (Marco Joca), and I were all friends, along with my brother Marcelo. We trained under Master Carlos. He was my mentor growing up.”

Brandao and his mentor, Master Carlos

Brandao said he did not have the easiest childhood, but Master Carlos was always there for him, and Brandao always listened to him. “He always helped me out,” he said, “He got me focused on Jiu Jitsu and he kept me straight. I will always be thankful to him because he gave me BJJ and it opened all the doors for me. He gave me something that no one can take away from me. It’s in my blood now.”

Later in life, Brandao moved to the States and met Bruce Corrigan, another man who changed his life. Corrigan owned a martial arts school in Tennessee and hired Brandao to work for him. Corrigan not only gave him a way of life, but also helped him get his green card so he could stay in the U.S. “Bruce was like my family in the States,” Brandao says, “When I had nothing, he gave me a hand. He gave me the chance to teach in his school. He always supported me and gave me a life here. He was fair with me. He’s a good guy.”

Brandao with one of his Rangers, Don E. Bowen, at the 2010 Pan

As you can see, Brandao lived an exemplary life of gratitude. He never took anything for granted and he worked hard for what he got. He appreciated what people did for him and also what they meant to him. This was evident when the time came that he decided to do something meaningful with his life. “I decided to change my life,” Brandao said, “I wanted to do something for the country that gave so much to me, so I joined the Army Rangers.”

A person has to be extremely physically and mentally tough to be in the Army Rangers. Brandao said training Jiu-Jitsu in his youth made him mentally strong and taught him the discipline he needed to be successful in the Army.

Brandao ended up being one of three, out of 60 who made it through Basic Training and Airborne School, then he went on to the Ranger Assessment Selection Program and passed that as well.

Brandao eventually became an instructor with the Army Rangers. He said he trained 150 kids at a time, but only an average of 40 to 50 guys made it through his program.

Brandao was in the Army for 5 years but had plans to stay longer. He said he really liked his job serving the country he’d grown to love so much.

Brandao competed in Jiu-Jitsu a lot as a kid and his record was impressive. He won the Pan at blue, purple, and brown belt. He took 3rd place in the Worlds at brown and purple belt and was a two-time Brazilian Nationals Champion.

GB Black Belt Brandao competing for the Army Rangers at the 2010 Pan

Brandao’s presence at the 2010 Pan was made on different terms than his past attendance at these events. This time Brandao led a team of U.S. Army Rangers to the tournament, for the first time in IBJJF history. It was also the first time the Army had ever sent a Jiu Jitsu team to any Jiu Jitsu tournament, all because of Brandao. “I kept pushing for it,” he said.

Brandao said his team did ok at the Pan with the amount of training they were able to do beforehand. “BJJ is like chess,” he said, “You make one little mistake and you’re done. But this is just the beginning. The only way we can go is up. The only way to get better is to keep fighting.”

Training at GB America with Kayron and Otavio

And fighting is what Brandao did best. “It takes a lot of discipline to be able to do my job,” he said. “It’s hard to stay sharp at all times. But you don’t quit. You keep moving forward no matter where you are, no matter where you go. The Rangers always lead the way.”

Even in death, Brandao continues to lead the way. He lived an honorable life and that is inspiring. He was a respected member of his family, his GB family, his circle of friends, and within his Army team. He will be remembered for the valiant, gracious, and respectful way he lived his all-too-short, but very powerful life.

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  1. Robert at 6:15 pm

    I had the honor and privilege to serve and train with Pedro while assigned to the US Army Rangers at Fort Benning, GA. He was the epitome of the quiet professional. Technically and tactically proficient, combat proven, and physically and mentally tough. One never new of Pedro’s past accolades and accomplishments. He only strived to get better by training, mentoring, and leading men in BJJ. His smile, easy temperment and can-do attitude will be surely missed by all that were graced by his presence. We lost an amazing friend, Ranger, father, son, teacher, and mentor.

    May God be with him.

    Rangers Lead The Way.

  2. Alexander "Crispim" at 7:30 pm

    Pedro was a Super Hero and my Super Hero as well!!!!!
    Stay with God and say hi to Robalo please!!
    All The BarraBrothers will always watch your family and your kids. Thanks for giving us such a good example of how to be a real “Man” with respect and all the virtues we can have !!!!!Peace Brother…

  3. Shannon M at 1:03 am

    A great story Deb. For those of us who did not know him, reading his story truly touched my heart and made me feel as if I did know him. It brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing and brave man he was. God bless his family and those who loved and knew him.

  4. John at 7:53 am

    I trained with Pedrinho several years ago, while he was a brown belt. Amazingly technical guy.

    Sorry to see him pass so young.


  5. Brian at 7:54 am

    Dear brother,

    There’s no amount of words that express the sorrow your leaving this world has caused. You were so quite and small in demeanor, and yet so loud and giant in your actions! You were always, and I do mean, always a blessing to everone around you. It does my heart good that the above article so accurately portrays you. I thank the Lord that you were my Profesor and great friend…..goodbye, Pedro

  6. Paul Jernigan at 8:11 am

    Pedro was a clam and patient man, who had a big heart and helped anyone who need it, he will definantly be missed, the world will be a lesser place without you brother!!!!

  7. Rodrigo Kotait at 9:38 am

    Pedro was the biggest mentaly strong exemple that i had in my life.
    His courage and his friendship will be always remenber by his friends.
    Thanks for all Pedro, i hope you and Robalo are doing well.

    Era um cara que não se corrompia e precisava fazer politicagem para viver!! Exemplo de homem e amigo!

    Descanse em paz irmão.

    Rodrigo Kotait.

  8. Amy at 11:24 am

    Pedro will be greatly missed. He was a wonderful Father so kind and gentle, and a wonderful Husband. I met him through my Husband who also trains BJJ and is in the Army. We are all very sad that this tragedy has happened and we are praying for his family.

  9. Aaron Cornett at 2:08 pm

    Pedro was a great friend and awesome teacher! I remember in 2004 being introduced to him up in TN. My drive back home was full of soreness and pain from the seminar, but he opened up a whole new world to me!!

    I also remember the privates we had at his house and the gyms around ft. Benning. Pedro always talked about Brazil, bragged about his childre and his wonderful wife. Pedro and family opened up their home and hearts to me and my wife.

    I’m not sure where the road will take me. The idea of training under another Black Belt just doesn’t sit well with me, but I know Pedro would want me to continue on that path that he loved to walk it me.

    Thank you, my friend, I miss you greatly…

  10. Nathaniel Hays Jr at 3:27 pm

    Pedro, is one of the most accomplished people I have had the honor of knowing, working and training with. I am lucky to have been able to call him my Teacher, Friend and Ranger Buddy. His vision and goals for building his new school to promote, train and teach BJJ to others and its applications to life, demonstrates the caring and compassionate character behind his tough and strong persona…RLTW!!!

  11. Alex "Magrinho" at 5:23 pm

    What a sad day for Jiu-Jitsu and for the entire Gracie Barra family. We lost a great warrior and a great human being. Even though he was on this earth for a short time, he touched a lot of people around him.

    I didn’t met Pedro until training at GB America this April for the Pan Ams. He was very cordial, calm and always had a smile on his face. You could tell he truly loved what he did and was proud of his students. His example of giving back to a country that gave him so much was extremely honorable and the people who knew him the best all attest to his character.

    My thoughts are with his family, friends and brother Marcelo.

  12. Keith Gordon at 6:06 pm

    I received a call from my cousin Bruce Sat. as he was driving down to see Pedro in the hospital. When he broke the news to me I was shocked. I still can’t believe it. I trained with Pedro when he taught at my cousin Bruce’s academy in Knoxville I used to travel back and fourth from Ma to train with him. He was the best teacher. I could retain so much when I trained with him he seemed to teach BJJ in a way that it seemed easy. I also recorded all our classes and that I’m grateful and fortunate for. He was the coolest guy ever, he had patience like no other. The Jiu Jitsu he gave me I pass on to my students he will always be remembered. My heart goes out to Marina and their children God Bless I am so sorry.

  13. Rodrigo at 6:26 pm

    Pedrinho was a great friend and always a strong mind . Rest in peace
    side by God and bless the family . Rodrigo Willon Gualberto

  14. Bruce Corrigan at 7:46 pm

    Pedro was my son. Probably not in the legal or hereditary sense, but he was as much my son as blood. I was there when he was married, when his children were born, I swore him into the Army, I pinned on his Rager tab,and I was the first person contacted when he became ill. I was also there when he left. His life was full, and he lived more in his short time than most do in a hundred years. Although death is never welcome, Pedro’s death was glorious – he fell as a warrior training in the occupation he loved. He left this world completely surrounded by his beloved Ranger comrades who stayed by his side continuously; and by his family who he loved dearly. Men like Pedro only leave this world physically, but their spirit lives forever.

  15. Brandon "Barrel" Santiago at 8:11 pm

    The only word I can think of when I think of Pedro, is Awesome.Awesome father,awesome husband,awesome trainer,awesome ranger and what a awesome my friend. He always had my back no matter.What a warrior Pedro is. He taught me so much in the last couple of years.He made me a stronger and better man. He gave me the nickname,Barrel….it will stick with me for life. I still dont feel like this is real. Pedro is like ironman. I guess god needed a warrior by his side. R.i.p my friend. You will never be forgotten.

  16. RENATO MIGLIACCIO at 8:37 pm


  17. Chris Bailey at 10:25 pm

    I was a student of Pedro’s in Columbus GA until a job loss caused me to have to move to New Mexico. There was never a more giving and more easygoing person we could have ever known. I can speak for all of the civilian and military personel when I say that he will be sorely missed and forever loved. I ask that you pray for his brother and sister as well as his wife and two young children. This has devistated us all. Such a good person, indstructor and friend

  18. David Swope at 2:44 am

    I am completely saddened by this news. I trained under Pedro for a little while up until 2005. He was a real good guy and always had the best attitude on and off the mat. My prayer go out to his family.


  19. Daniel "PIG" at 8:57 am

    Pedrinho descanse em paz meu irmão!

    Junto com o Farol da Barra se foi nosso grande irmão Pedrinho. Apesar de ambos não existir mais fisicamente, ficarão eternamente na memória daqueles que o conheceram e viveram nessa epoca.

    Um grande abraço a familia Brandão (Marcelinho, Tatiana e familiares).

    Rest in peace,
    Daniel “PIG”

  20. cesar dicesaris at 11:36 am

    Pedro… i still cant believe, i dont want to… he was awesome in every way, so passionate about bjj, training, his family and friends, i couldnt think of a better teacher, coach, friend. i had the chance, and had the honor to learn bjj through a tride and so true man as Pedro was, though i didnt realize how short it was and only regret that we could of hung out more, the times we had were so fun. he will me very muched missed, thank you for taking the time out to teach me and the rest of barra brothers jiu-jitsu, your family will be in my prayers… we love you and miss you!!

  21. David "Bigga G" Corrigan at 11:37 am

    Pedro was a brother, teacher and friend to me. Some of the best moments of my life, I was able to share with him and will never forget what he has done for me, my family, and this country.

    When I was 13 years old, Pedro moved to TN with his soon-to-be wife and no physical belongings to his name but a beat up car. My father put up a school for him and Pedro married, had kids and started to build a life here in TN. However, training with a military family, day in and day out, in 2005 he decided to give back to the country that had given him so much, provided a place for him to do what he loves and raise his family. Since then, he has accomplished so many great things and touched the lives of so many! He lived more in 30 years, than most people can in 100.

    Pedro was a warrior in every since of the word and has taught me so many lessons, most of which were off of the mat. His legacy and spirit are not gone, nor will they ever be and will be carried on by his family, friends, students, and fellow Rangers. R.I.P. Pedro, we love and miss you!

  22. Paulo Lacerda Jr. at 10:13 pm

    Que Deus Abençoe sua alma e Proteja sua Familia.
    Rogamos pelo seu descanso em paz ao lado de sua Querida Mãe Lucinha e junto ao Nosso Senhor.
    Paulo Lacerda Jr. & Familia

  23. Márcia Lacerda at 8:16 am

    Meu primo Pedro Lacerda foi uma pessoa muito Especial. Teremos muitas saudades dele e desejamos que ele possa descançar em paz.
    Pedro Lacerda, amamos você.

  24. Joshua "Rad" Alsup at 10:15 am

    I only knew Pedro briefly. I began training under him at his school in Columbus, GA around Feb. of this year. In that short time span I learned so much more than I ever could have thought. Just the idea of training under another instructor seems so foreign. I look up to you Pedro and I know you are always with us spiritually. For you my instructor, my friend, I plan on moving forward with BJJ training and become all I can be, and from here out all fights will be dedicated to you. I plan on having a memorial patch in your name sewn onto my Gi. You will be forever missed, but never forgotten.

    God bless you, your family, friends, students, and fellow soldiers.

  25. Paulo Lacerda at 11:06 am

    Querido sobrinho Pedro Paulo, devotado pai do pranteado Pedrinho, querida Sylvinha, dileta vovó do saudoso Pedrinho, queridos sobrinhos, Sylvia Regina, Rivail Júnior, Carlos Eduardo e Luis Cláudio, tios do pranteado Pedrinho, consternados pelo repentino acontecimento que enlutou toda família Lacerda e família Brandão, apresentamos os nossos doloridos sentimentos, desejando que Deus e Nossa Senhora derramem as Graças que a todos, parentes e amigos, reconfortarão nestes momentos de traumatizante dor.
    Paulo, Therezinha e filhos.

  26. jeremy at 2:06 pm

    Thank you my friend for all you have given to me and so many others. I know you will watching over all of us in our training just as you did in life. Telling us to “move your hips”. You gave me the confidence to belive in my jiu-jitsu as much as you did. Having your patch on my gi and my arm will always calm me and let me know you are there.

    Love you my friend,

    Jeremy Abney

  27. Max Faught at 2:44 pm

    I had the honor of meeting Pedro when he came to Fort Benning Ga. A mutual friend of ours Chris Shields brought him by our gym Pedro taught class that night and you could tell how much he loved BJJ and teaching. We became friends and I hold Pedro in high regards as a man, teacher, friend, and father. I pray for his family. He will be sorely missed.

  28. RJ at 2:50 pm

    I had the honor of training under Pedro here in Columbus at Barra Brothers BJJ. Pedro changed not only my approach to jiu-jitsu, but my approach to life.

    He was an amazing guy and will be missed by many. God Bless Pedro.

  29. mauricio maleck (moura) at 11:59 pm

    Quando conheci Pedro, ele tinha uns 15 anos e era faixa amarela, quando muito bem me acolheu no Jiu-Jitsu, na Gracie Barra, ensinando-me as mais básicas posições. Era meu primeiro dia e, desde então, ficamos amigos.

    De puro coração, Pedro sempre se mostrou um valente guerreiro que encarava, com garra, os obstáculos da vida, tanto que se revelou, além de renomado lutador, pai, marido, professor e, repito, um grande guerreiro que lutava, com inigualáveis paixão e lealdade, suas batalhas.

    Pedro, fique com Deus! Agradeço a Ele por conhecer um grande homem como Você.

    When I met Pedro, he was about 15, yellow belt, when kindly taught me the basic Jiu-Jitsu positions/moves, at Gracie Barra. It was my first day and, since this, we became friends.

    With a pure heart, Pedro always showed as a brave warrior who used to combat, with guts, life obstacles, reason why he revealed himself, besides a renowned fighter, father, husband, professor and, I repeat, a great warrior used to fight, with singular passion and honesty, his battles.

    Pedro, stay with God! I thank Him for knowing a fantastic man like you.

  30. Alexandre Soca at 12:19 am

    Pedro was my best friend , was like my little brother, was my daughter’s uncle and was somebody that i could aways count on…….He made part of my life .
    We were daily in contact with each other and I had the opportunity to participate in all of his actions and the same he did for me.. I think did my part in introduce him and show him the way that I always believed was the right one ,also because besides this I knew all his talent,character and capacity .
    It’s being very hard for me to deal with this extremely loss ,specially because I was the one that followed all the steps he did in his life . I was there for him for every decision,every doubt,every achieve and every accomplishment ……
    It can’t be real……
    Hey Pedrinho,wherever you are now:
    “ I fell honored to have your son like my godson and me and my wife will give all the necessary support to Marina,Yasmin and Pepe.”
    My condolences …….

  31. Emily Gonzalez at 1:03 am

    I had the honor to be Pedro & Marina’s neighbor when they’ve got moved to Columbus, GA. It was really shocking for me when I received the news and I still can not believe it. I will always remember Pedro as a great person, caring/loving father and husband and as a good friend. I don’t like the idea that he had to leave this world at a young age, but he had left his legacy to his students and the people who trained with him and a good taste for all of us who had the opportunity to share good times with him, Marina and kids in life.

    Rest in peace Pedro…
    Marina, you are in my toughts and prayers!


  32. Wes Loden at 2:53 pm

    Rest well my friend, you were only an amazing teacher but you were a true friend. Your short life touched so many people and you lived well. While others look for handouts you made your own way. You took care of your family and were a loyal friend. You were a warrior and three combat tours in with the 1/75 Ranger Rgt could not touch you. You are my hero, my teacher and friend. You will be missed!


  33. carlos sapao at 3:21 pm

    Pedrinho. im gonna miss you brother!!!! training in haven is going good with You, Rockson Ryan Robalo master Carlos Carson and more….

  34. Jacyr de lacerda at 3:55 pm

    Eu, minha mulher Izabel, porque não dizer, todos os membros da numerosa família dos Lacerda, ficamos imensamente consternados pela irresparável perda do jovem atleta Pedrinho, assim na flor da idade. Não podemos deixar aqui de registrar a nossa dor, juntamente com as nossas sinceras condolências ao tempo em que rogamos ao Altíssimo que ele encontre no descanso eterno muita luz cintilante ao lado daqueles entes queridos nossos parentes que se foram e dos quais sentimos muitas, muitissimas saudades.Do tio avô Jacyr de Lacerda – Rio de Janeiro – Brasil

  35. Mikey Gomez... at 5:17 pm

    Pedrinho was a guy that became really close to me when I was young, took me under his wing and helped me a lot, also showed me things like how to become a real man, one that doesn’t need to talk much or say much about his accomplishments but one that didn’t need any validation from anyone to try to be cool or anything and just be Real. The people that knew him can honestly say that he wasn’t a lyer nor someone that went around making up stories, you knew that if HE said something it was probably the truth. A friend that brought out the Ferociousness in me and showed me not be scared of any man but always the need of being respectfull to one.
    In one word he was MY OLDER BROTHER and thanks to him I had the pleasure of meeting so many friends that till this day are part of my circle.

    Descansa em PAZ Pedrinho Vapo.
    Mikey Paraguai

  36. tyler brown at 8:08 pm

    over the past two years i had the privelage of being taught brazilian jiu-jitsu by this amazing man. he was the kindest and most fiercest guy i knew. he would always have your back and would help you as best as he could. he will be missed and will remain in our hearts forever.

    thanks for everything pedro,

  37. Pedro Flecha at 2:22 pm

    “O mais nobre guerreiro”. O cara que me inspirou desde minha adolescencia quando nos tornamos amigos, me inspira ate os dias de hoje, e com certeza me inspirará por toda a vida. Obrigado por ter me colocado no caminho certo quando tudo era confuso, obrigado por muitas vezes ter me protegido, obrigado por ter me repreendido, obrigado pelos abraços, obrigado pelo respeito e consideraçao, obrigado por todas as zoaçoes, obrigado por todos os perrengues que passamos, enfim… obrigado por voce ter existido e pela honra de eu ser seu amigo. Juro meu irmao, por toda lealdade que vc nos ensinou que sua familia nunca estará desamparada da mesma maneira que vc nunca desamparou a seus amigos. Voce foi o maior exemplo de força, coragem, lealdade, respeito e determinaçao que alguem poderia ter na caminhada da vida. Sei que vc está cuidando de todos nós como sempre fez, e que Deus precisava do mais leal e forte guerreiro agora ao seu lado. “LEALDADE E FORÇA”, um dia nos reencontraremos.

  38. Henriqueta de Lacerda Farago at 8:54 pm

    Ficamos consternatos com a morte prematura do nosso primo Pedrinho. Que ele descanse em paz……..
    Henriqueta e Clairton

  39. Richie at 10:49 pm

    I started training with Pedro in 2004. He was an exellent teacher and I enjoyed the many classes and privates. I felt honored to receive my purple belt under him. He started telling me of his desire to enter the military and although I hated to lose him, if he was to join I wanted him to serve with the best. I still had some friends at Regiment and after a few calls I was assured Pedro would be picked up after Airborne school. I gave him 2 things before he left my Bible and one of my old 1st Battalion scrolls. Things worked out for him and he always told me of his love for the Regiment. I wish I could have seen him more but we both were gone a lot, however we always stayed in touch. I was saddened to hear the news, I have lost a dear friend.

    It was an honor my friend,

  40. Michael "Timex" Tinner at 7:11 am

    I also trained at Barra Brothers in Columbus Ga. And Mr. Lacerda and Mr. Abney and Mr. Swift first introduced me to BJJ and I am deeply saddened by this loss to the community. The brief time i knew him and received training i can honestly say he was one of the kindest people i ever knew in a while. He worked with my hectic work schedule so that i could get trained and showed me the fundamentals and basics. Once again i am devastated by but I will continue to wear my Barra Brothers Shirts in Pedro’s honor and further my training.

    God bless his family and Rest In Peace teacher.

  41. Leslie L. Warford at 8:09 pm

    This extraordinary man was my son’s instructor, mentor and dear friend. He epitomized “martial Artist” and what it means to be a human being. I am a better man for knowing him the brief time that I was blessed with.

  42. jason at 9:52 pm

    I trained with Pedro for about a year he was a great person who always had a smile, he made you feel like family and made the school like a second home. My heart goes out to his family. You will be missed my friend.

  43. Pedro Wunder de Alencar at 5:21 pm

    “Deus nao arrebata de nos aqueles que amamos, oculta-os em seu coracao, para que estejam mais perto do nosso”

    Ontem em seu Memorial, nao fiquei nem um pouco impressionado em ver quanta gente ele conquistou, nem muito menos, como era respeitado…fiquei impressionado sim como ele conseguiu isso tudo, em tao pouco tempo.

    Fui embora do Fort Benning ontem a tarde, na companhia de Escorrega e Jerry, triste e orgulhoso, vendo o homem no qual se transformou, aquele garoto que um dia conheci.

    Mais um que ai de cima, olhara por todos nos !


    Pedrinho do Gol.

  44. Tracy Rhein at 12:32 am

    Pedro was amazing. He was the best instructor,friend,father,and soldier you could ask for. Sadly he was taken away way before his time.Although i didnt get to train with him and only knew him for a short period of time,he was a big inspiration to me and my friend.R.I.P Pedro Much love You Will Be Missed

  45. Brad Thompson at 7:47 pm

    I started jiu-jitsu late in life but Pedro always took the time to help me improve. After class he would always ask me “is there any problems or questions you have”. Pedro was always sincere and is missed by his friends. Pedro had an impact on so many people and is missed by all of us. God Bless Pedro and his family!

  46. bryce mahoney at 12:12 am

    I would love to know where to get a patch like that, i was in the rangers and would love to sew that big scroll on my gi!!

  47. Pete at 12:15 pm

    There’s always someone to make a bad comment…. Ppl grieving for such a loss, young guy, leaving family and friends behind, and you wanna know how to get a patch cause u WERE in the army to see “the big scroll on your Gi”. I mean, There’s a moment to say certain things. C’mon man….

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