Dynamic duo promises repeat at Worlds

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Professor Marcos Barbosinha’s duo put in a brilliant performance at the Brazilian Nationals. Tiago Alves and Murilo Santana closed out the middleweight final of the competition. They decided the champion on odds or evens.

Tiago and Murilo celebrate. Photo: Carlos Ozorio

In the post of runner-up, Tiago Alves approved of their effort.

“It was awesome! I managed to do everything I’d trained to. When the opportunity to get the tapout arose, I got the tapout. In the tougher matches I used strategy and managed to win without getting any points scored on me out of carelessness. I think this is the best path, not being a prima-donna,” he told GRACIEMAG.com.

Now the next challenge will be the Jiu-Jitsu World Championship, to start June 3 in California.

“I’m heading to the Worlds; I even have my ticket. Murilo and I are both going. He’s my right hand man in training; we help each other a lot. It just makes our Jiu-Jitsu better.”

Tiago gets past Guga in the semifinal. Photo: Carlos Ozorio

In California Thiago expects greater difficulty in taking the division title.

“From what I saw at the Pan, where there were several favorites and many lost, it’ll be rough. Over there everyone’s a favorite and there’s no way to give any one in particular the nod. If he gets out of a footlock or a triangle, that guy’s going to be champion.”

The gold medalist at the Brazilian Nationals, Murilo Santana didn’t expect so much. The fighter had devoted his time to MMA. His debut was postponed and there wasn’t much time to prepare in the gi.

“I went in pretty much without expecting much, but helping the folks train for the event. I didn’t expect it and was really pleased. There were some tough matches, but I managed to submit everyone in the weight group, closing out the final with Tiago and everything went well,” says the black belt, happy about his perfect campaign.

Murilo (in blue) beat Victor Bonfim in the semifinal. Photo: Carlos Ozorio

Murilo had three matches, while Tiago beat four opponents. There’s more to come in California.

“I’m going to put in a lot of effort at the Worlds and will go for it. There will be a ton of tough guys there and I’m going to try and catch them all,” he says in finishing.

Sign-ups for the Jiu-Jitsu World Championship are open. To find out more, click here.

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