Bernardo Faria carries on shooting for the stars

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Faria puts on pressure to pass Lovato's guard. Photo: Carlos Ozório

After capturing heavyweight and open weight titles at the Jiu-Jitsu Pan, Bernardo Faria got close to repeating the feat at the Brazilian Nationals. The Alliance rep won the final of the absolute category against Rafael Lovato with a guard pass, but earlier on in the championship he lost to Alexandro Ceconi, in the heavyweight semifinal. Bernardo explains how he felt his campaign in the event went.

“I was really happy with my participation. I think I did everything just right and I trained like mad. I’ve been training balls to the wall since 2001, when I started doing Jiu-Jitsu; and I always dreamed of being one of the best at the Brazilian Nationals and the Worlds. I think I did everything just right, but I lost in my weight group. It was Ceconi’s day and I’m going to train even more to beat him, just as he’s going to do to beat me. I’m going to watch the match numerous times and try to correct my mistakes.”

Bernardo against Ceconi. Photo: Carlos Ozório

Besides his expressive results at the Pan and Brazilian Nationals, the black belt was champion at the European, alongside his teacher Fabio Gurgel. He’s seeing the best run of his career.

“I can only thank God and my family for this good phase I’m in, and also my teacher Ricardo Marques and, of course, Fabio Gurgel. I’m going into the Worlds with my head in the same place as the European, Pan and Brazilian Nationals. I’m more concerned with training, in doing everything just right before the championship. I’ll try and show up happy on the day, and the result will be a consequence of that.”

If the absolute were something eatable, it would be Bernardo’s favorite dish. And at the Worlds the fighter will be yet another lending his prestige to the category, which will include a Roger Gracie and Xande Ribeiro dying to win an unprecedented third absolute title.

“I’ll have to get out there and fight to see. I  fought Roger once and I lost. But in Jiu-Jitsu there are days where someone wins everything and still ends up losing. I’m going out there to fight, and I’ll be ready. If I win or not, I’ll only know by competing,” he says in finishing.

Celebrating another absolute title. Will there be more at the Worlds? Photo: Carlos Ozório

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