Wand backing Will Ribeiro in next operation

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Next week, former WEC fighter Will Ribeiro will return to Rio de Janeiro’s Andaraí Hospital, where he his greatest wish will come true: to have cranioplasty to fit a prosthetic in his skull.

In a battle to recover from a debilitating motorcycle accident, Will is returning slowly but surely, within the possible, to activity. He has been working as a side referee at several MMA and muay thai events, as well dispelling preconceived notions regarding his abilities, by teaching boxing and muay thai classes, despite his being wheel chair-ridden.

There are many figures from the fight world standing behind Will in solidarity. Recently, Rodrigo Minotauro, Rogério Minotouro and Anderson Silva taught a seminar to collect funds for the fighter’s treatment. André Pederneiras, through the Shooto South America promotion, has helped, too. Now another MMA star is on the campaign, Wanderlei Silva.

Find out how you can help in the video below:

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