Ceconi wins trip to Worlds

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More than 300 athletes competed on the match areas set up in the Petropole Tennis Club, in the south Brazilian city of Porto Alegre, to participate in the 1st leg of the Gaucho Jiu-Jitsu Championship last Sunday. Present at the FGJJ competition were the major teams and fighters from the different regions of the Brazilian south.

Photo: Alexandro Ceconi. Photo: Carlos Ozorio

The big standout at black belt was Alexandro Ceconi. The Rilion Gracie student won the ticket to the Jiu-Jitsu World Championship in Los Angeles that was on offer and then he went on to win gold in the absolute. Runner-up in the division was Moacir Mendes, a student of Mario Reis at Gracie Barra.

While the winner of the absolute black belt division earned a trip to the Worlds as a prize, the winner of the brown belt division secured a trip to the Brazilian Nationals. The winner was Adrinei Piai (Sul Jiu-Jitsu), who beat Geovane Guedes (Sul Jiu-Jitsu) in the final.

Gymnasium in Porto Alegre. Photo: Publicity

Check out the absolute champions of the event:

White Belt:

1st Henrique Pint (Sul JJ
2nd Jason Lima (Julio Secco)
3rd Roger Ribeiro (Gracie Barra)
3rd Roger Ribeiro (Gracie Barra)

Blue belt:

1st William Teixeira (SJJ)
2nd Jason Peter (Gracie Barra)
3rd Marcelo Lemos (SJJ Estrela)
3rd Gustavo Silvestro (SJJ)

Purple belt:

1st Silas Oliveira (Giovane Reis)
2nd Rafael Cechimel (Rilion Gracie)
3rd Diego Terra (Gracie Barra)
3rd Mauricio Ferreira (Lotus Club)

Brown belt:

1st Adrinei Piaia (SJJ)
2nd Geovane Guedes (SJJ)
3rd Gesner Costa (Rilion Gracie)
3rd Cristiano Camati (Rilion Gracie)

Black belts:

1st Alexandro Ceconi (Rilion Gracie)
2nd Moacir Mendes (Gracie Barra)
3rd Eduado Milioli (Rilion Gracie)
3rd Rodolfo Campani (Gracie Barra)

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