After stellar Pan, Abmar alerts: “Winning the Worlds isn’t enough, I want to fight well”

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Abmar on Kron Gracie's back. Photo: Ivan Trindade

Abmar Barbosa was one of the sensations at the Pan 2010. The black belt representing team Robert Drysdale overcame dynamos Kron Gracie by 11 to 0 and Lucas Leite with an armbar to take second in the middleweight division after Kayron Gracie. Now living in the United States, where he is already full throttle in his preparations for the World Championship, Abmar had a chat with Find out a bit more about this wizard of the mats:

How do you feel about your performance at the Pan?

I was happy with my performance at the Pan. Of course I’d like to have won the final, but Kayron (Gracie) was better, so he deserved the outcome from that day.

Will you be back for the Worlds? What will be the hardest part about this event?

Yes, I’ll compete. Now, regarding what will be toughest, I think it will be to having to wait till then to fight (laughs)!

You and Kayron made it to the final at the Pan, which to many was a surprise…

I don’t feel it was surprising that Kayron and I made it to the final. These days no one is tougher than anyone else. Everyone who makes it to the black belt division comes in strong and anyone who was already there continues to be strong. To put it better, the black belt division is the black belt division, there are no free meals.

At the Pan 2010, Abmar was only stopped by Kayron's elastic guard. Photo: Ivan Trindade

So what do you need to do to keep up the standard you’ve set and continue to win among so many tough athletes?

I’m still training the same way I did for the Pan. To beat the big dogs, with everyone at the same level, I feel it’s fundamental that you be well prepared and on good terms with yourself. I’m at a great stage in my life, in every respect. I feel that is fundamental.

Tell us about your academy.

My academy is in Hudson, Massachusetts ( I’m training Jiu-Jitsu a lot with the help of some black belts, among them fighters Ryan Hall, Clint Radwani and Brian Caldwell. I also do physical conditioning with my personal trainer and business partner Leo Mortan. It’s a tough routine, but I’d never before had the kind of support I have now and never before trained the way I now train. I don’t just want to win the Worlds, I want to fight well in all my matches.
Best regards and thanks to everyone at GRACIEMAG for the interview!

– Think nothing of it, Abmar, we’re thankful to you!

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  1. Zackary Adams at 12:39 pm

    I have had the pleasure of training with Abmar on a few occasions, and, despite being a Barra boy muself, was cheering Abmar on in the finals. He’s an amazing fighter, and an amazing person.

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