From overcoming challenges to the front page of the paper

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“Coach Oscar, this kid is our worst student, very problematic.” With this introduction from a teacher at Saad Bin Moaath high school, black belt Oscar Junior couldn’t expect much from young Hamad Eissa.

There’s nowhere in the world where the life of someone with special needs is easy, especially for a boy of 14. Hamad is crippled in his lower body, his legs and feet are mangled and the boy has suffered countless surgical procedures.

The whole implementation of Abu Dhabi’s School-Jitsu project begins by conquering the kids. The teachers need to inspire confidence before approaching technique. It’s not easy, since cultural barriers often turn into seemingly insurmountable obstacles. But love for and dedication to the job can let you overcome any obstacle and the reward for that is extremely gratifying.

Hamad was always in a bad mood, he’d walk the corridors of the school mumbling, was truly outraged, but destiny would have it that Jiu-Jitsu would take him in. On a certain morning, the boy decided to try out Oscar and Junior Angra’s class.

Both had solid experience with kids in Brazil, though they had only been a few months in the United Arab Emirates. But the Gentle Art is a formidable means of communication. Behold in the video that follows the perfect meeting between Jiu-Jitsu and Hamad Eissa. Yes, it’s the same boy who at the World Pro 2010 did a presentation for Sheikh Mohamad bin Zayed and ended up on the front pages of the country’s newspapers the next day, with the crown prince by his side.

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