Alan Belcher brushes up on Jiu-Jitsu to face Patrick Cote

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Alan Belcher and Daniel Moraes. Photos: Personal archive

Just after Daniel Moraes won his third Copa America absolute title (watch here), in March, he packed his bags and headed to Biloxi, Mississippi. By the invitation of UFC fighter Alan Belcher, Daniel, who now teaches in Florida, went to help out in training. Belcher’s next battle is set for the May 2 UFC 113 show, against Patrick Cote.

Daniel spoke about the opportunity.

“I met Alan through a friend and he was very interested in training Jiu-Jitsu with me. He invited me to spend a week in Biloxi, to teach a seminar at his gym, and the main reason was for me to train with him and improve his ground game,” he told our collaborator Diego Marcello.

“I took my best student here in the USA to help in training, brown belt Ryan Brinkman. Belcher was stoked , since the training adjusted his game well. He’s a really talented guy and has lots of discipline,” he adds.

Daniel is rooting for Belcher in his bout with Cote. Furthermore, he hopes to have more opportunities to train with the UFC fighter.

“We haven’t scheduled anything yet, but he intends to spend some time here in Florida with me to work on his grappling after the fight. I felt he was really confident about facing Cote,” he said in finishing.

(With the collaboration of Diego Marcello)

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