Anderson and Demian’s chat onstage

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Anderson Silva and Demian Maia appeared on this Sunday’s “Domingão do Faustão” TV show, on the Brazilian Globo network. A confessed MMA fan, it was not the first time talk show host Fausto Silva receives famous fighters. Rodrigo Minotauro, Rogerio Minotouro and Vitor Belfort, for example, were all there.

The first to show up on stage was Anderson. Fausto spoke favorably of the sport, showed some footage from UFC 112, in Abu Dhabi, and gave insight into the champion’s life, even with an appearance from Minotauro. Nevertheless, the question on everyone’s tongue since the fight in the Arab Emirates was not left off the program. At that moment, Demian entered the stage and, if anyone was expecting a more incisive portrayal of the champion, that was not exactly what happened.

Anderson was asked by stage crew member Carla about statements made by UFC president Dana White, saying the champion would be fired should he repeat the taunting he did in his last fight. “What is not allowed is to strike the genitals, the back of the head or stomp on your opponent on the ground. Everything else is valid, so long as you win, and that’s what happened. He can say what he wants, he owns the event,” said the Spider.

Demian responded indirectly, when asked about who inspires him: “I defend Jiu-Jitsu, so first comes the Gracie family. Rodrigo Minotauro too, Wanderlei (Silva) and all the Brazilian stars. I feel that an idol must behave accordingly all the time. You are an example to people, an example for your posture in everything you do.”

Check out the complete video below:

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