World Pro: complete results and expectations for day 2

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Fans check brackets while locals pray. Photo: Luca Atalla

In the restaurant of the armed forces’ hotel, the Officers Club, Luanna Alzuguir and Gabrielle Garcia dine together alone at a table. After a perfect Pan for the Alliance aces, though, the time has come to go their separate ways. There’s no absolute division for them in the World Pro, hence they won’t be able to close out the division again, like they did in the open weight class in California, last weekend.

Luanna submitted everyone in her matches in the Pan and is favored to win the female under-63 kg division of the World Pro, which starts in about an hour in Abu Dhabi, at the Zayed Sports City International Tennis Complex. On her side of the bracket, there’s Sweden’s Ida Hansson (first match), Australia’s Lisa Marie and Jennifer Torrance, the United States’ Kiri Liao, and Brazil’s Renata Lopes, Juliana Nogueira and Katia Guimarães.

At the other end of the bracket, there’s Hillary Williams, Sayaka Shioda, Carol DeLazzer, Sheila Bird and Bia Mesquita. Who’ll make it? We’ll find out in a few hours.

For Gabi, redeemed after her two golds at the Pan, things are even more complicated. “So, I got a bye and my first match should be against (absolute world champion) Lana Stefanac. No worries, at least we’ll have a final-type match in advance,” she said. Gabi further remarked on her triumph at the Pan. “It was excellent. Yes, beating Hillary settled the score. I landed a harai (throw) and snagged her arm in 30 seconds,” she said, grinning.

In the over-63 kg division, Gabi or Lana will probably face Cassuza Fornari. At the other end, Luzia Fernandes, Zanza Conceição and Tammy Griego are among the favorites, according to the brackets.

Also taking place today, there’s the absolute divisions of the purple, brown and black, and blue and white (light and heavy) belt groups.Check out all Saturday’s finals that defined yesterday, and the third-place winners already established by the organization.

Blue belt Yahya Mansoor, a local hero, in a riveting battle against the USA's Orlando Sanches (Legacy)

White and Blue:


Final: Tarek Al Kutbi (UAE) vs Ahmed Gloum (UAE)
3rd) Raymond Lee Massa (New Zealand)
3rd) Ghaleb Odeh Ahmad (Jordan)


Final: Matheus Luckmann (Brazil) vs Jacob Sandoval (EUA)
3rd) Talib Saleh (UAE)
3rd) Kevin Mahecha (USA)

Final: Daniel Svensson (Sweden) vs Daniel Agard (United Kingdom)
3rd) Issa Able (USA)
3rd) Takatoshi Matsumoto (Japan)

Final: Khaled Abdul Kareem (Jordan) vs Jonathan Tuck (Guam, USA)
3rd) Zaid Jarandoka (Jordan)
3rd) Mario Marwan Kamal (Iraq)

Final: Kit Dale (Australia) vs Gustavo Silvestro (Brazil)
3rd) Faisal Al Souqi (Jordan)
3rd) Wesley Charles (South Africa)

Final: Majid Al Naqbi (UAE) vs Krysztof Saganowski (Poland)
3rd) Tamer Sameer (Jordan)
3rd) Sami Mohamed (Jordan)

Final: Celson Frabetti (Brazil) vs Faisal Al Kutbi (UAE)
3rd) Bjoernar Beylich (Norway)
3rd) Brandon Kalapu (New Zealand)

Final: Yahya Mansoor (UAE) vs Marcelo Tarso (Brazil)
3º) Tarek Matar (UAE)
3º) Orlando Sanches (USA)

Final: Hideki Sekine (Japan) vs Willie Leonard (USA)
3rd) Mohammad Al Menhali (UAE)
3rd) Alevs Fraser (Canada)

Purple, Brown and Black

Final: Guilherme Mendes (Brazil) vs Rafael Mendes (Brazil)
3rd) Almiro Barros (Brazil)
3rd) Kataniwa Katsunori (Japan)

Under- 74kg
Final: Gilbert Burns (Brazil) vs Claudio Matos (Brazil)
3rd) Michel Maia (Brazil)
3rd) Celso Venícius (Brazil)

Final: Braulio Estima (Brazil) vs Claudio Calasans (Brazil)
3rd) Delson Heleno (Brazil)
3rd) Gustavo Campos (Brazil)

Final: Alexandro Ceconi (Brazil) vs Romulo Barral (Brazil)
3rd) Zumbi Larara (Brazil)
3rd) Carlos Alexandre “Baby” (Brazil)

Final: Ricardo Abreu (Brazil) vs Gabriel Vella (Brazil)
3rd) Luiz Felipe Theodoro (Brazil)
3rd) Marcus de Almeida (Brazil)

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