Pan gold motivation for South Brazilian, Brazilian Nationals and Worlds

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Michelle Nicolini and her dangerous triangle. Photo: Carlos Ozorio

Right after becoming light featherweight champion, black belt Michelle Nicolini sat next to Caleb Querns and Shawn Williams, commentators for, and bust out her English. Even so, she says, “I was nervous, it must not have come out too well.”

Nervous and tired, as she would admit to afterwards, while celebrating another gold medal in her career. “It’s true, another one. I needed this one,” the brunette from CheckMat smiled.

Nicolini first faced Japan’s Takako Abe (Parestra), in the semifinal, and gave her a 19-2 drubbing. “I opened the scoring, but I felt a bit tired and ended up sitting to play guard. I gave her those 2 points but, in compensation, I adjusted and sunk the triangle. I didn’t play much from the bottom this championship, nor did I hardly play guard. It was excellent, this way people could see I know how to play on top too!” she joked.

In the final she faced Nyjah Easton (Lloyd Irvin), routing her 17 to 0. “I felt a bit fatigued, but it went well. Now I’ll return to São Paulo and train with Leozinho. I’ll enter the South Brazilian, the Brazilian Nationals, SP Cup and then the Worlds 2010,” she plans. Gold at the Pan put her on the right track, and proof all she is thinking about is her objective is that Michelle will not teach a single seminar until June:

“Right, seminars only after the Worlds,” said the current world runner-up in farewell, since she had to rush to Los Angeles airport.

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