Pan: among brown belt “princes”, world champions – and one from the UFC

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Roger Gracie won as a brown belt. Photo: GRACIEMAG archives

If the champion of the black belt open weight division is considered to be king of the Jiu-Jitsu Pan, the absolute brown belt champion can be seen as his crown prince.

Thus, while the Pan 2010 moves at full throttle in Irvine, California, analyses further data and information regarding the event on everyone’s tongue. (You can participate too, leaving your comments on the site).

Out of curiosity, we went to the website to record the open weight brown belt champions ever since 1996, and we came across a true constellation.

Who will be the heir to the thrown in 2010? Give your prediction and reap the rewards later.

1996 – Tatá Duarte

1997 – Carlos Chermont

1998 – Bruno Fernandes

1999 – Rodrigo Minotauro

2000 – Erik Wanderley

2001 – Marcel Louzado

2002 – Roger Gracie

2003 – Braulio Estima

2004 – André Galvão

2005- Romulo Barral

2006- Tarsis Humphreys

2007 – Abmar Barbosa

2008 – Kron Gracie

2009 – João Assis

2010 – ?

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