Mino’s 3 reasons to believe in Renzo over Hughes

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Rodrigo “Minotauro”Nogueira was riding around in a car Monday in Abu Dhabi when asked by black belt Mohamad Jehad and friends about his predictions for the main fights on the UFC 112 card, to take place this Saturday.

Obviously, the former UFC (and Prid) heavyweight champion believes in his teammate (and student) Anderson Silva beating Demian Maia, in the evening’s main event.

But even for this bout he gave his reasons.

Anderson Silva vs Demian Maia

Anderson is a Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Rodrigo, and the two have been training together ever since late 2003. His confidence and admiration, hence, are total. And Rodrigo further reinforces: “I believe in his victory, even more so because Anderson is much better on the ground than Demian is on his feet.”

BJ Penn vs Frank Edgar

Mino finds the match-up intriguing, but prophesizes: “BJ is unbeatable.”

Matt Hughes vs Renzo Gracie

Favoritism goes to former welterweight champion Hughes, but Rodrigo points out reasons to believe in a Renzo victory.

1) “I do believe in Renzo, and I’m not saying that because we’re both Brazilians. First off, Hughes isn’t in that sovereign phase of his…”

2) “.. And also, Renzo is really quick in carrying out ground positions.”

3) “Not to mention the star that shines on that guy!” concludes Minotauro.

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  1. Hooligan at 10:53 am

    “I believe in his victory, even more so because Anderson is much better on the ground than Demian is on his feet.”
    One of the dumbest things I have heard in a very long time

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