Tererê puts on the gi again

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The fighter has already gotten back to practice in Sao Paulo. Photo: Marcelo Dunlop

One of Jiu-Jitsu’s toughest and most charismatic competitors, Fernando Tererê drew large crowds to the gymnasiums where he would put in appearances and would reward the crowds with spine-tingling combat. From the crest of the wave, the world’s black belt wiped out after a head-on collision with drugs, becoming addicted to crack. Despite attempts at recovery and even returns to the dojo, his battle against addiction has not been an easy one. With the help of the entire community of Jiu-Jitsu, through donations and a series of fundraisers to support the idol in his treatment, Tererê was able to procure help at a specialized treatment facility in Sorocaba, São Paulo.

This week the fighter left hospital. Alongside cousin Leandro Martins, he already returned to teaching some classes. He put on his gi again. The battle, the toughest the champion has faced, is not over. It is far from over. But he has taken the first step.

“Now everything is better. I left the ward and now I’m here in Sao Paulo at my cousin’s house before heading home to Rio. I’m leading some night classes, since my cousin teaches elsewhere. I’m demonstrating some positions,” he says in a conversation with GRACIEMAG.com.

“It was really difficult; I was addicted to crack and I was hospitalized four months. Now I’ve been released and I’m going to Rio to try and start all over again. I can’t let myself relapse. I await Fabio’s (Gurgel) position. The staff at Alliance has helped me a lot. Fabio has always wanted what is best for me and my cousin too. The Jiu-Jitsu guys always want what’s best for others,” he says.

Victory in his attempted return to the dojo. Photo: Carlos Ozório

Tererê’s cousin Leandro Martins knows they are only just starting out in the task at hand.  It is too early to celebrate, but their hope and faith are strengthening.

“I hope for the best. It’s hard to tell so early, because we’ve only had a few days to analyze things. But this time we’re together here; he’s shown positive results. Everything is the best it can be, with him beside me, giving me his strength,” he declares.

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  1. Dylan Dearborn at 2:35 pm

    My prayers have been answered! Dude this means a lot to me. I am a recovering addict & Jiu-Jitsu saved my life. My fondest memory of Terere is watching him train at the Rodrigo Medeiros Academy in San Diego. He was using his teeth to set up a choke haha! Amen & congratulations! Dylan Dearborn

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