GMA Blog: Draculino shocking news

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Updated on 4/2/2010: That was an April’s fool news, readers. Thanks!

Our GMA member Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhães, leader of Gracie Barra Texas, has decided to leave the USA and go back to Brazil.

In a moving video posted on You Tube and his Facebook page, Draculino explains his reasons for behind his decision.

Read all about it at the GMA Blog

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  1. POPPA ROTZEE at 5:29 pm was an April fools joke he pulled on me and Babalu. They recorded our reactions and will be posting it later!

  2. Students at 6:59 pm

    ^Um, it would be SHOCKING to half the people who practices Jiu-Jitsu in Texas. Not only all of Draculino’s students, but all of his affiliates here and all of there students. Not to mention all the plans being built around him here in Texas right now.

    Just because you’re our of the loop doesn’t mean everyone else is. If Draculino left it would be incredibly shocking.

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