Werdum: “I’ll surprise the MMA world”

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The reporter was having a chat over Nextel with recently-promoted black belt Gustavo Ximu when Fabricio Werdum entered the conversation. Indeed, it was a very welcome intervention, because he could elaborate a bit more to GRACIEMAG.com about his impending fight with Fedor Emelianenko, confirmed for June. The last fight the Gaucho had was in November 2009 when he overcame Antonio Silva. Now Werdum will face the best heavyweight in the history of MMA, at Strikeforce.

“I have to respect him because he’s the man. So I’m really dedicating myself for this fight. What is not good is that I’ll have gone seven months without a fight, because the challenge is only in June. I like to fight every three months or so. I got all this down time just because it’s Fedor. It will be worth the wait, because I’m really dedicated,” he said.

To beat Fedor, to many, would be an upset, an unlikely outcome. Fabrício doesn’t listen to popular opinion and is concentrating on winning.

Surprises happen all the time” Werdum

“I’m confident I’ll surprise the MMA world. Not a lot of people believe in me. Since the guy is the best, a lot of folks say there’s no way I can win. But no problem. It’s good to go in as the underdog, because surprises are always happening. A fight’s a fight. How often do they say so-and-so is going to win and then he loses?”

In the meantime training is going full blast. Werdum has a first-rate team behind him.

“Ximu is here with us too and is getting in the way of training a bit (laughs)! Just kidding, it’s been really cool and we’re having a great time! The important thing is to train, but to have fun too. So it’s all good. We’re here, me, Bruno Mamute and Babalu. Rafael Cordeiro is my official teacher and I’m also working hard with King Mo and some other guys. We have a good group and training boxing with a Jamaican,” he said, now counting down to the big day.

“There are three months till the fight and we’re keeping a good pace. I just can’t overdo it by overtraining. But I’m managing it well, with a good crew. I’ll win this fight. Folks will only believe it when I win,” he said in finishing.

Fedor in his win over Brett Rogers. Photo: Esther Lin

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