Luanna to compete at Pan and head to Abu Dhabi

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Luanna in the semifinal against Marina. Photo: Carlos Ozorio

Luanna Alzuguir remains one of the top female Jiu-Jitsu competitors. This Sunday the fighter won the tryouts for the World Pro in Rio de Janeiro. In the final she gave the tough Ana Maria India a 20 to 0 drubbing, and nearly got the finish. Luanna never stops. Through to the April 17 event in Abu Dhabi, she will also try to take home the Pan-American title one week prior.

“I’ll do the Pan and then head to Abu Dhabi. I’ll also be in the Brazilian Nations and the Worlds. I always go full blast to become champion and the Pan will be no different. I’m very much dedicated to it,” she told

Luanna sets up the triangle on Elisangela. Photo: Carlos Ozorio

Photo: Carlos Ozorio

Before the Rio qualifiers, the black belt just missed in Gramado, when she lost in the final to Beatriz Mesquita. In the Arab Emirates, or even at the Pan, the rematch could end up taking place.

“The truth is that the loss I suffered in the final of the qualifiers in the South was really important, because I really did need to correct some things, to be more strategic in the five-minute matches of the qualifiers, which is half the duration we are used to. It didn’t work over there and I changed some things, like how to start out in the fight and even some technique. I ironed out some things in my Jiu-Jitsu and, thank God, this all made me evolve so that everything would work out here,” she says, without providing fuel for the rivalry:

“For sure we’ll end up meeting again (Luanna and Beatriz). But, regardless of who I face there, I’m going to carry on training and evolving. I’m not going to say I’m going to train to face her, or nothing of the sort. I’m going to work on overcoming my own limits. Anyone I run into along the way I’ll face and go for the win,” said the Alliance athlete in finishing.

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