Andre Galvao: “I’m now a cell phone charging”

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Galvão attacks, in photo by Gustavo Aragão.

Andre Galvao’s phone is busy. Minutes later, same thing. insists, and when the StrikeForce fighter finally answers in Los Angeles, the reporter ventures: “The chat with your daughter in Brazil took a while, huh?”

Andre laughs. “I was singing to her, you’re right. Now she sings in English, she’s learning it at school and is showing me some music, and I sing back,” said the black belt from São Paulo, who landed in California on Sunday for his first-ever fight for the American organization, against Luke Stewart (6w, 2l), on Saturday.

Andre takes off from LA to Fresno today, and at this stage he is at complete – or near complete – rest.

“Now I’m a cell phone charging in the socket. I’m here quietly replenishing my energy. My training has been done, the diet to cut weight is going well, so it’s time to rest up to get out there and fight well. The main thing is that I’m really  happy to be fighting, I couldn’t stand the wait,” he says.

“The most I’ll do at this point is get my body moving to activate the muscles and all, some Jiu-Jitsu rolls, hit the mitts, but all really light and loose. Just to stretch and sweat a bit,” he explains.

Jacare didn’t used to take any supplements. He was all about cashew fruit juice and guava jam. Now he’s a mutant” Andre Galvao

Accompanied by muay thai trainer Daniel Woirin, of Black House, Galvão says yes, he’s watched some of Luke’s fights. “I’ve seen quite a lot of them, several of his fights. I’m feeling very well and did what I had to do, now it’s in God’s hands. I will give my all to take this victory to Brazil. ”

Andre knows how to wait. He returned from Dream, in Japan, last August, took a short break, competed at ADCC 2009, and since then has only trained.

“The fight was postponed, postponed, but we finally scored. This whole time I’ve been training a lot in Rio with Rogerão (Camões, trainer); Daniel Distak also coached me in boxing at Minotauro’s training headquarters. These last three months I did intensive work with Anderson Silva, Rafael Feijao, Ronaldo Jacare, and I thank them too, and all my partners without exception, like Mauricinho, Ferrugem, Jessé. Anderson is now focused on his fight in April. The guys are to be congratulated, and the coaches too. This makes everyone become stronger together.”

As heard stories that Jacaré had become monstrously strong, Galvão spoke addressed the issue.

“You kidding? He and Anderson are in fine form!  Jaca didn’t used to take supplements, can you believe it? All that health came from cashew fruit juice and guava jam. Now he’s a mutant, strong and on fire. But he’s no normal mutant, Rogerão made his virus proliferate,” he jokes.

The chat was great. But before Andre decided to start singing in English, bid farewell.

StrikeForce Challengers
Save Mart Center, Fresno, California, USA
Saturday, March 26, 2010

Card Home
Lavar Johnson vs Lolohea Mahe
Abongo Humphrey vs George Bush III
Luke Stewart vs André Galvão
Zoila Frausto vs Miesha Tate
Justin Wilcox vs Bryan Travers

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