Paulão and Bitetti address discord

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Amaury and Paulão training together em 2009. Photo: Carlos Ozório

Paulo Filho contacted the newsroom this Thursday. With a tattoo similar to Mike Tyson’s on his visage, the fighter requested he be allowed to clear up some questions left lingering since his no-show at Bitetti Combat.

“First off, an article appeared on saying I was using drugs and things. That’s a lie. Like I said before, I’ll undergo testing to prove otherwise. I’ve been clean for six months. I’m bothered by the article, which could really harm my career. Only God knows how much of a battle it is to overcome addiction and I’m doing it,” he says.

“Amaury, who I am very fond of, is a fighter, that’s what he knows how to do. But there are people working with him who aren’t doing a good job. I live life my way and it’s expensive. I’m broke, with no money, and they still have some back payments to me pending. I even asked my family to lend me money. They promised to deposit the money in my account before the fight, but they didn’t deposit what we had agreed on,” says Paulo, before explaining his new tattoo.

“It’s like what Tyson has on his face. The tattoo looks good, I’m the one who doesn’t! Come here and take a picture of the new Paulao to show people what’s to come. I’m off drugs. This business about no one wanting me is a lie. There are a number of events around the world wanting me to fight for them,” he said in finishing.

Chased down by for his rebuttal, Amaury Bitetti gave his side of the story,

“I fulfilled what had been agreed to with Paulo and I have the proof of it right here. I had to deposit 20 thousand reais to his account, which I did, and another 10 thousand in Brasilia. Nor did I have anything to do with the article published on Sherdog.

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