Bustamante and Motosserra in bout of boxing Saturday

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Boxing coach of such great athletes as Murilo Bustamante, Pedro Rizzo, Marco Ruas, Renzo and Royler Gracie, Zé Mario Sperry and many others, Cláudio Coelho will hold this coming Saturday the 27th his traditional Nobre Art exchange.

A total of 14 fighters will participate in amateur boxing matches between Nobre Arte athletes. It is a fine chance to catch a close-up glimpse of UFC stars, since Murilo Bustamante (former middleweight champion) and Rafael dos Anjos are among the MMA fighters to participate in the exchange.

“We’ve been holding these exchanges for a long time. The idea arose from a need that my students had to put their athletes to fight. The exchange is nothing but a tough training session for those who practice boxing and wants to fight,” explains Claudio Coelho.

Nobre Art Academy is located in Ipanema’s Cantagalo favela. The fights start at the 5pm.The community is among those to have been pacified by military police (a city-wide project).

Check out the complete card:

55kg: Alex Pardal (Pasta) vs Rene Barbosa (Cesario)
57kg: Charles (Washington) vs Eduardo Soares (Vinicius Russo)
60kg: Vinicius Barbosa (Cesario) vs Fábio Antônio (Washington)
64kg: Escobar Leandro “Tatu” (Nenzão) vs Anderson Nascimento (Washington)
64kg: Anderson Nascimento (Washington) vs Aritano (Giovanni Diniz)
69kg: Brasilia (Gaucho) vs Wiliam Marcelino (Washington)
69kg: Paulo Granja (Nenzão) vs Rafael Damasceno (Ronaldo)
75kg: Juliano Lucio (Vinicius Russo) vs Rogerinho (Tonzano & Serginho)
81kg: Kadu (Pasta) vs Jeffre Rangel (Nenzão)
81kg: William (Nenzão) vs Cesar Luis (Washington)
81kg: Rafael dos Anjos (Cesario) vs Hernani Perpetuo (Giovanni Diniz)
91kg: Rafael (Macarrão) vs Eduardo Gladiator (Ronaldo)
91kg: Wendell Negão (Cesario) vs Vitor Pimenta (Tonzano & Serginho)
100kg: Baiano (Cesario) vs Rafael Macuco (Tonzano & Serginho)
91kg: Murilo Bustamante (Tonzano & Serginho) vs Danilo Motosserra (Cesario)

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