Muhammad Ali seeks treatment in Israel

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American boxing legend Muhammad Ali will undergo a new type of treatment for Parkinson’s syndrome, a disease that has debilitated his health for decades. The initiative comes from the company Brainstorm, of Israel, specializing in biotechnology.

According to the company spokesperson, the former pugilist’s daughter, Rashida Ali, revealed that her father is keen to try the treatment using stem cells. “Muhammad Ali’s daughter contacted us after hearing of our work with adult stem cells and assured us her father wants to take part in the tests we are doing.”

The treatment, initially meant for patients suffering from sclerosis, may be amplified to treat Pakinson’s disease patients, like the pugilist. According to Brainstorm, the tests performed on rats to combat sclerosis, including Parkinson’s, were a success. The next step is to prove its effectiveness on humans.

Muhammad Ali ended his career as a champion heavyweight in 1981. In 1984 he was diagnosed with the disease, which seriously affects one’s ability to communicate. Rumors abound that the head trauma from boxing caused the Parkinson’s, but was never scientifically proven.

Check out the video on Youtube of highlights from the legendary athlete’s career.

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  1. dr s.r.poort at 4:07 am

    The scientific work from scientists from Israel is excellent. An example in the medical field is the work of dr. Youdin et al. to develop a medicine for patients with Parkinson’s disease. Rasagiline as a MAO B inhibitor. The two chemical constituents (propargylamine and aminoindan) are neuroprotective ! Rasagiline is the first drug to inhibit the disease

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