Trouble before Braulio’s seminary in Dallas

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Three-time world champion and current ADCC absolute champion Braulio “Carcara” Estima very well could have ended his seminar tour of the United States in Texas.

While in Dallas, the day before teaching a seminar at Siam Star Muay Thai academy, the Gracie Barra black belt and his hosts, including Jiu-Jitsu instructor Keiser Girao, were expected at a local watering hole to watch UFC 110 but never showed up.

Well after they were expected to have arrived, the concerned owner of the gym waiting for them at the bar “The Rugby House” called and spoke with Keiser. And he heard the following (as initially posted on the forum) from Keiser:

“Oh, this guy almost ran over Braulio and then got out of the car and wanted to fight and we all told him not to fight but he punched Braulio in the face so Braulio took him down and mounted him and told him he will hurt him. So the guy said O.K. and Braulio let him up and the guy walked back to his car and all of a sudden he pull a gun and HE SHOT BRAULIO TWICE!”.

To which the startled owner of Siam Star Muay Thai replied, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE SHOT HIM TWICE??? DID HE HIT HIM?”

And Keiser cleared up the fact his grammar had been misleading, to the relief of all: “No he didn’t.”

After the owner of the gym taught the Brazilian instructor a lesson in semantics, explaining the difference between  “shot him” and “shot at him”, things cooled down. The police had shown up and gone after the shooter, who fled, but no one had taken down the license plate number.

Check out the original account on the forum. Sunday’s seminar was a success.

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