Here comes Chute Boxe Cyborg

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Cristiane dos Santos, better known as Cris Cyborg, made it to her ninth win in a row on 30 January, when she had her first title defense at Strikeforce in Miami. Against the experienced Marloes Coenen, who has won the ADCC and has 17 wins on her record, the fighter dominated and lived up to the reputation she has been building in MMA, that of the best female fighter in the world. correspondent in the United States Nalty Jr. was at the event and talked exclusively to the fighter.

Cyborg punishes Marloes Coenen. Photo Esther Lin

In you view, how’d the fight go?

I think it was a good fight. I managed to perform well and show a bit more of me. In fact everyone is always saying that my fights always end in the first round. We fought three and I showed I was fine physically and that I could fight the scheduled five no problem. The most important thing was that I could show I was prepared.

You know who your next opponent will be?

Honestly, I’m not worried about it now. Currently, all I’m thinking about is training to improve my performance even more, and to be prepared for any opponent and any situation that may occur during the fight. This is my focus for now, to train to face anyone.

Your husband, Evangelista Cyborg, is also a fighter. Does that help you prepare for your fights?

Absolutely. The fact that he’s a fighter too helps. He helps me in training and in overall preparedness. We are together all the time.

And does he help you at home, too? Does he wash your clothes, make food, wash the dishes?

(Laughter) We alternate, each of us helps a little.

Cris celebrates win. Photo: Esther Lin

Do you feel Cyborg has a chance at being champion and winning the belt like you did?

Absolutely. He’s a great fighter and is training hard as well. Soon he’ll be back in Strikeforce and will show his worth  and win the belt.

Master Rudimar Fedrigo already said you will lead Chute Boxe USA. Is that so?

I’m going to open my gym with my husband, Chute Boxe Cyborg. I want to teach MMA and train other women.

Would you like to send out a message to anybody?

I want to thank everyone, all my coaches who help me train, my sponsors, the whole Chute Boxe team. I just have to thank all those who support my career and I will give my best to bring joy to all who cheer for me.

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