Back in Brazil, Belfort approves of Abu Dhabi

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Belfort prepares for Anderson Silva. Photo: Josh Hedges

After spending a few days in Abu Dhabi with the Ultimate Fighting Championship delegation, Vitor Belfort returned home to Rio de Janeiro. In the Middle Eastern nation, where UFC 112 will be held, he was face to face with his future opponent, Anderson Silva.  The fight against the current middleweight champion will be on April 10 and Belfort liked what he saw there.

“It found it very nice. Really a great reception and optimal structure. There is no shortage of money and, from what I saw, they are very prepared, “he tells

In recent months, Belfort and Anderson have taken front and center in the media’s attention. While the Spider disproved numerous times of the fact Vitor agreed to face him, as they have trained together in the past, the Rio de Janeiro native tried to avoid stirring up controversy. He preached respect for the opponent and said he welcomed the challenge as a professional.

Nevertheless, it seems Anderson isn’t big on chit-chat.

“He doesn’t want to talk much. Must have been bothered, I don’t know. We didn’t speak. Seems to be a really strong taboo. The things in our sport are still kind of messy and we’ll see how all this unfolds,” says Belfort, who carries on training hard while in Brazil.

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