Atos leader comments on importance of European Championship

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The European Jiu-Jitsu Championship is approaching. The event to take place in Lisbon, Portugal from the 28th to the 31st of this month is open for sign-ups up until this Friday the 22nd. Thus, there is still time to guarantee your place (sign up here).

Black belt Gilberto Durinho has already promised he’ll be in top shape for the Worlds. His teammate Rafael Mendes has said he will show up with “10 lungs’ worth of gas.”

Atos Jiu-Jitsu leader Ramon Lemos confirmed his black belts are riding some serious momentum.

“The team is doing great, everyone is training hard for the 2010 season, and to kick off the year showing Atos JJ’s strength. We’re taking a full team,” stated Ramon Lemos.

The master gave a preview of his front line for The 2010 European. “Wekcilei Cruz, at roosterweight; Guilherme Mendes and Eduardo Ramos, at light featherweight; Rafael Mendes and Bruno Frazatto, at featherweight; Rodrigo Caporal and Gilberto Durinho at lightweight;  Guto Campos and Orlando Zanetti at middleweight, and Vitor Toledo at medium heavyweight. Beyond them there’s another weight-carrying black belt: Andre Galvão, at medium heavyweight, who is always aching to be in competitions, despite his focus being MMA. I always try to get him to compete,” he said in amusement.

Rafael Mendes's black belt debut at the end of 2008 against Cobrinha, in Jordan. Photo: Marcelo Dunlop

And what would the importance of competing at at the European be, in the opinion of Atos’s leader? “The European is very important to Jiu-Jitsu. It’s a way of publicizing the athletes and the gentle art in yet another continent. Beyond that, it’s preparation for the Worlds; it’s a competition that shows Jiu-Jitsu’s face all over Europe, which causes more work to arise for all the teams and athletes.

Ramon Lemos leads Atos JJ. Photo: Personal archives

“I hope all the professional athletes enter the European so the crowd can witness some great matches,” said Lemos in finishing.

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