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The best cover of all times?

Grandmaster Carlos Gracie (1902-1994) was disciplined to the point of drinking a glass of fresh water every day upon awakening, never cheating on his diet, exercising daily and, for years on end, he would awaken with the sun. His discipline, mental fortitude and charisma capable of keeping an entire family of fighters united were not the only legacies the most famous student of Japan’s Count Koma left for the Jiu-Jitsu community.

Carlos left behind technical, philosophical and even linguistic lessons for Jiu-Jitsu lovers everywhere today. It wasn’t for naught that this month’s cover was born blessed. And it was met with praise by those who have gotten their hands on it. “The magazine is awesome. It has my vote as the best cover of all times, with Carlos and Helio Gracie!” said a vibrant Guilherme Valente, a professor at Gracie Miami.

We hope that was the first compliment of many, but criticism is welcome too.

The January issue doesn’t end there, though.


In Face to Face, we open the guard of Rafael Mendes, the big revelation of the 2009 season. The under -66kg champion of ADCC 2009 speaks of his victory-filled year, teaching class to the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi, his rivalry with Cobrinha and his plans for 2010.


For Training Program, we hopped on the highway for São Carlos and clicked the most consistent athlete of last year. Michael Langhi received GRACIEMAG in the gym where it all began, with brother Michel (already a beast) by his side, to demonstrate (nearly) his whole arsenal.


Carrying on with the mission of guiding the technical perfection of our readers/Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, GRACIEMAG shows what to do to manage perfect adjustment in submission holds. An assortment of aces shares some pointers with you.


In the monthly column, Martin Rooney turns his attention to the biggest and most powerful muscle in the body, the gluteus maximus. With a series of exercises and tips, the physical conditioning coach of the big BJJ and MMA stars will show you how to use the force from behind.


In the GMA section, our associates wish you a Happy New Year and reveal what they wish for in 2010. Beyond that, Josef “Cobra” Manuel teaches a flying triangle. To wrap things up, the latest news from the academies that make up the biggest Jiu-Jitsu publicity network on the planet.


Furthermore, there’s Tererê vs Werdum in Anthology, Gracie Diet, Natural Gymnastics and Intro.

Enjoy your reading and see you next month.



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