André Negão and Hannette start new team

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André “Negão” Terencio and Hannette Staack kick off 2010 with loads of news. The most important of which is the creation of team “Brasil 021 School of Jiu-Jitsu”, which, according to André Negão, the aim is to get on par with Brazil’s most important Jiu-Jitsu academies.

“The idea is to do something unbiased, where everyone can participate, along the lines of major companies and the big Jiu-Jitsu teams, like Alliance, Gracie Barra, Nova União and GFTeam,” stated André Negão.

“Our base is in Tijuca, because it was in Tijuca, here in Rio de Janeiro, where it all started. Now we’re starting to expand the team to around ten branches, including in Rio’s suburbs, aside from Chicago, where I’m the one in charge. We’re coming in to fight. We’ll start with the base categories, master and some black belts in the adult group.”

Another reason to create the team was to unite the students of master Carlos Henrique and André Negão under one flag, as well as to recover former students and black belts. “The idea behind Brasil 021 is to recover all the students of the teacher who taught me from when I was a white belt to black belt, Carlos Henrique, and reunite them, since everyone ended up elsewhere,” explained Negão.

Hannette and Negão further made a point of speaking about the benefit event held on December 19th, where the aim was to collect non-perishable food items for charities.

Staack and Negão at last year's ADCC Barcelona

According to Negão, 400 kg was collected for a spiritual institution in Rio de Janeiro.

In Brazil until January 15, Negão sought to calm down his students in Chicago who already feel his and Hannette’s absence. “We’ve been here in Rio for 42 days. We know our students in Chicago are feeling our absence some, but both I and Hannette would like to say we miss them. We are here to organize the team to have more news for the folks in Chicago. We’re returning to the United States now,” said André in finishing. Brasil 021 School of Jiu-Jitsu is located on Rua Clóvis Beviláqua 180, Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro.

Training takes place morning and night. For greater information, call (021) 2268-9102.

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