A Fabio Leopoldo black belt asks for help

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Fabio Leopoldo black belt, Márcio Lopes, urgently needs help from the Jiu-Jitsu family. His wife, Andralucy Soares, contacted GRACIEMAG.com to share her partner’s situation, which requires much care.

Márcio Lopes “Sinistron” suffers from a rare and serious disease called ulcerative colitis (US), an inflammatory disease affecting the intestines.

Interned at Campo Limpo City Hospital in São Paulo for over a month, the athlete has already lost around 20kg. Andralucy told GRACIEMAG.com on Thursday afternoon that the doctors also suspect that Lopes may have another rare disease known as Crohn’s Disease.

Distressed and still uncertain of which of the two diseases her husband has, Andralucy gathered her last strength to start an Internet campaign to save the fighter’s life. His wife is racing the clock in the search for help while staying by her young daughter Pietra’s side, who is 8 years old.

Right now, what Andralucy needs is 22 cans of the food supply called Modulen, specific for patients with Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis. The goal is for Lopes to have food support for around 90 das, and the 22 cans would be enough for this first phase. As Modulen is expensive – around 180 reals, Andralucy asks for help for the fighter.

Through the campaign started on Orkut, she explains more about the diseases and sends updates on Marcio’s clinical state every day.

Andralucy shares her e-mail address and telephone number for anyone who can help Márcio Lopes “Sinistron” purchase Modulen for the treatment, or any other way.

For more information: Andralucy Soares: (11) 9196-9185 /  andralu@ig.com.br

The GRACIEMAG.com team wishes a speedy recovery to Márcio Sinistron and hopes that he can be back training in no time.

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