UFC: new BJJ black belt Evans beats Thiago Silva

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Sugar Evans with his new black belt, with his giant sparring Rolles Gracie.

Sugar Evans, with his new black belt and his giant partner Rolles Gracie.

UFC 108 – Evans vs. Silva
MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
January 2, 2010

Rafaello Oliveira defeated John Gunderson by refs unanimous decision
Jake Ellenberger defeated Mike Pyle by TKO (punches), 22s 2R
Mark Munoz defeated Ryan Jensen by submission (punches), 2min30s 1R
Cole Miller submitted Dan Lauzon with a kimura, 3min05s 1R
Martin Kampmann submitted Jacob Volkmann with a guillotine choke, 4min03s
Junior dos Santos defeated Gilbert Yvel by TKO (punches), 2min07s, 1R
Jim Miller submitted Duane Ludwig with an armbar, 2min31s 1R
Sam Stout defeated Joe Lauzon by unanimous decision
Paul Daley KOed Dustin Hazelett, 2min24s 1R
Rashad Evans defeated Thiago Silva by unanimous decision

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There are 18 comments for this article
  1. Roy Obrien at 8:14 pm


    I have to wonder how this guy is awarded a Black Belt from a Gracie?

    I have never seen the guy wear a blue, purple, or brown belt. Anybody have a picture of that, NO WAY you will find it! I don’t believe he ever wears a gi, and yes he is great wrestler, but is this really a BB in GRACIE JJ? I am sure he could not show the self defense techinques passed by Grandmaster Helio and Carlos as they passed to all students including their sons. I am sure he could not even name Gracie’s in pictures from throughout the family.


    What a terrible thing to do, at least Xande and Saulo, did not fall for such low road and have Diego Sanchez at brown. We can look at others like Cesar that has many fighters in mma that are top level that have EARNED the black belt!

    MARKETING is why they promote him and it tarnishes all we work for in upholding the teachings we were given.

    SHAME ON ROLLES for doing this and RENZO for allowing such a thing to pass!

    I am embarrassed they did such a promotion!

  2. josh at 2:06 am

    i have to agree with roy. i’m getting pretty sick of seeing mma fighter’s getting a BB because of their success in mma but never even train in bjj! i dont think he really has train a lot under cause isn’t he apart of Greg Jackson’s canp? And from what i understand Saulo made Diego start from White and work his way up to brown. Much props to Saulo for not handing out a BB like candy.

  3. Ramsey at 11:37 am

    I agree with Roy, I’ve been thinking the same thing. Just cause he is a good wrestler and can grapple nogi well, doesn’t mean he should be awarded a blackbelt in BJJ. I’d like to see him defend against sweeps and gi chokes and things like that from another REAL BJJ blackbelt..

  4. David Charles at 11:39 pm

    I pray to not see the day when BJJ is so commercialized that we see it everywhere and soon they will start making fun of it.

  5. Wilson at 1:41 am

    Rashad has been training in submission wrestling, grappling and BJJ for over 4 years. His wrestling pedigree also has pushed his grappling skills beyond the majority of people who grapple.

    He deserves it.

  6. cary simmons at 2:15 pm

    is this one of the reasons bruce lee was never an advocate of belt rankings? what a mess! why not give matt hughes one? or randy couture? i recall jean yves theriault in the 1980’s just crushing black belts in the ring and he was only a beginner in jiu jitsu in canada. i don’t recall him receiving a belt in TKD, Shotokan, Kenpo, or whatever from the sensei’s of the guys he knocked out! if floyd mayweather goes to a dojo and knocks a few black belts on their asses, does he then deserve a black belt? this is getting crazy. i have no idea where my various belts and certificates even are these days, and i’m fine with that.

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