It’s Potluck Party time*

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Do you know what a Potluck Party is?

If you live in the USA, you probably do. But for those who don’t know, we explain.

It is a gathering of family and friends where each guest brings a dish of food to share with the others. In other words, it is a lovely way to be togteher with your loved ones without someone having to kill oneself in the kitchen (not to mention the dishwashing afterwards).

GB Yorba Linda

It seems that the GB schools that are a part of the GMA chose the potluck parties as their way to celebrate the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010.

GB Naples

That was the case of Gracie Barra Naples, in Florida: “This year our party was at Sugden Park. Later, we met for some bowling,” said Professor Paulo.

GB America

In California, Gracie Barra America also organized a potluck. It was their first one ever. “We had a great time at our holiday party this year! It was awesome being able to get to know our students off the mats,” said Erika Carrillo, GBA USHQ Program Director.

The same happened in Yorba Linda. The GB students there also brought their favorite dishes to celebrate.

Back in Florida, GMA Rodrigo Mendes, leader of GB Delray Beach took the opportunity of the New Year for a Graduation Ceremony.

GB Delray Beach

Mendes did not hide his enthusiasm: “Among the many students who graduated to higher levels in BJJ were: Savio Bianchi, who was awarded his Orange Belt. He is a terrific example for all the kids in our program. Two others in our juvenile program, Lidio Meira and Marcelo Fonseca, were awarded their blue belts. Both Lidio and Marcelo won their respective juvenile blue belt divisions at the recent Miami International Open, even though they were white belts at the time of the competition. While several of our adults also increased their rank, I would like to mention that Paul Geller is a full time lawyer who makes time to train whenever he can and he also helps me teach the kids’ classes. Paul recently won his division in the Miami International Open (and took second in the absolute). Paul was awarded his Purple Belt at the ceremony. It was a great day!”

* with Deb Blyth

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