Asian Super Cup, a luxury rehearsal

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If the 11 tryouts for the World Professional Cup of Abu Dhabi in 2010 around the world were not enough, Carlão Santos and Co shined this weekend, in organizing the Jiu-Jitsu Asian Cup in the headquarters of the Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC).

Nearly 200 athletes from several nations had the chance to test out their technique at the tournament meant to, above all, text Emirates Team’s logistical capacity for organizing what promises to be another grandiose Jiu-Jitsu event.

Covered by Abu Dhabi Sport TV, the Asian Super Cup was broadcast to more than 50 countries and relied on specialized commentators and interviews with all the semifinalists.

Carlão interviewed by Abu Dhabi TV. Photo: Publicity

Carlão interviewed by Abu Dhabi TV. Photo: Publicity

Also for the first time, the event adopted a system of three referees per area, all of whom were given special training and were tested the weeks preceding the event. The staff for the event, all from Emirates Team, could collaborate from within the TV broadcast island, contributing so viewers would not miss any detail of the spectacle.

The Asian Super Cup, even though it is a separate event from the World Pro, turned out to be a luxury rehearsal for organization, crowd and athletes. The count-down has begun. Get ready.

Check out the complete results:


White (-5 months) Under 66Kg:

1st Place – Hazem Issa – Jordan
2nd Place – Fadi Ahmad – Jordan
3rd Place – Ahmed Gharib Humaid Nasser Saeed – UAE
3rd Place – Abedalrahman Eid – Jordan

White (-5 months) Above 66Kg:

1st Place – Abdi Al Ghafar – Jordan
2nd Place – Ari Basti – Australia
3rd Place – Mohamad Naser – Jordan
3rd Place – Suliman Abdrahim – Jordan

Black Belts Under 73Kg:

1st Place – Michel Maia – Brazil
2nd Place – Samuel Hertzog – Brazil
3rd Place – Oscar Alfredo – Brazil
3rd Place – Marcelo Motta – Brazil

Black Belts Above 73Kg:
1st Place – Rafael Haubert – Brazil
2nd Place – Zumbi Larara – Brazil
3rd Place – Carlos Alexandre de Carvalho – Brazil
3rd Place – José Ferreira Junior – Brazil

White and Blue Belts Under 65Kg:

1st Place – Ali Monfaradi – Bahrain
2nd Place – Sadam Ayed – Jordan
3rd Place – Zelim Khan Kharsiev – Russian
3rd Place – Ahmed Ghlooum – UAE

White and Blue Belts Under 74Kg:

1st Place – Mohamed Naser Mohamed Saif Al Qubaisi – UAE
2nd Place – Jaber Hammad Said Hammad Al Darai – UAE
3rd Place – Tablib Saleh Mohammed Alkirbi – UAE
3rd Place – Ricky Rout – Indian

White and Blue Belts Under 83Kg:

1st Place – Mahdi Alqubisi – UAE
2nd Place – Majid Abdalla Saeed Majid Al Naqbi – UAE
3rd Place – Wesam Alahmad – Jordan
3rd Place – Salmeen Obaid Musabbeh Ghannam – UAE

White and Blue Belts Under 92Kg:

1st Place – Tammer Sameer – Jordan
2nd Place – Sami Salim – Jordan
3rd Place – Najib Al Nassar – Jordan
3rd Place – Yasan Janib – Jordan

White and Blue Belts Above 92Kg:
1st Place – Tarek Matter – Egypt
2nd Place – Faisal Fahad Ahmed Sultan Al Ketbi – UAE
3rd Place – Fouzan Alsabij – Kuwait
3rd Place – Abdul Rahman Hamad Nasser – UAE

White and Blue Belts OPEN WEIGHT:

1st Place – Tarek Matter – Egypt
2nd Place – Ali Salam Ali – UAE
3rd Place – Mohamed Nasser – UAE
3rd Place – Ahmed Alkutbi – UAE

Team results:


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