‘Mozart’ prepares for three-part show in December

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Netto beside Lincon walking to ring. Photo: Personal archive

Netto beside Lincon walking to ring. Photo: Personal archive

Our GMA in Vienna, Austria is a character and then some.

If the way Lincon “Bad Boy” Rodrigues (17w, 5l) enters the ring were not enough, the Brazilian has now decided to do three MMA fights in December.

All to please his fans, and his students at Orlando Neto Jiu-Jitsu, in Austria.

“Lincon is the most popular fighter in the region, and the most irreverent, too,” says Neto, a black belt who has lived years in Europe, in praise. “The last time he walked out dressed as Mozart and transformed into Bad Boy. This next fight we’ll enter to the tune of “Sweet Home Alabama,” says the fighter’s teacher.

Lincon begins his concert tomorrow, December 12, at Lord of the Rings, against seasoned Slovakian Miroslav Scibrran, with 37 professional fights on his record according to the event.

The second act, on the 20th, pits him against Greek/German Angelos Zampakikas, a local under-76kg champion, in Nuremberg, Germany.

After Christmas, he winds up the show against Czech veteran Jaroslav Poborski, again in the Austrian capital, in an event broadcast to German-speaking nations – the fight will be one of the preliminary bouts leading in to the World Boxing Organization (WBO) title fight.

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  1. Orlando Neto at 6:59 pm

    Lincon has 17wins and 5lost, all fights recorded in European Lands, unfortunately the sherdog is not upload yet , anyway we are expecting all friends and fans tomorrow at the Lord of the Rings , Arena.
    The homework is done, Ivan Rodrigues and all of us did our best.
    Thanks for the support of AkxeBJJ and Master Vini Campelo who gave me all the tools to do my job, hope you guys get pround of my work 😉

  2. muhammad at 8:38 pm

    a very good report! everybody in austria who is searching a professional bjj trainer should join orlando netos team in vienna!!!

  3. Daniel at 5:47 am

    I´m sure Lincon is about to kick some ass! He is a very sharp fighter and with Orlando Machado Neto he has the very best teacher around!

  4. Lincon'SFan at 6:34 am

    People watch the video on youtube Lincon Rodrigues vs Miroslav Scibran and get fascinated how multi-talented a fighter can be. He is known as one the best grapplers in Europe, since yesterday also one the best strikers! Amazing how he kept his opponent on distance and punished him on the ground!
    Lincon we love you, keep on fascinating us!

  5. Lincon "Bad Boy" Rodrigues at 1:13 pm

    First from all I should to say thanks to my team for the big victory from yesterday!
    Without you guys I would never do it, you are the best!
    Ivan Rodrigues (Physical trainer)- did a great job
    Orlando Neto (BJJ and no Gi BJJ trainer) wonderful to work together you! our strategy worked very well:-)
    José Lantigua (Muay thai trainer) – Thanks to prepare my legs like that!!!
    Iron Fist: (My club)
    My Sponsors: Ride Club, MMA Vienna – Fight Store, Verve – Energy drink, Prajo & Co, Iron Fist Gym Vienna
    all the training partners and the friends that went there to support our job! I am glad to have you guys! GOD BLESS YOU!

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