How to knock out an absolute champ

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While the next issue of your favorite Jiu-Jitsu magazine is tears down to highway to readers’ homes, hasn’t lost sight of the personalities of the month who will inspire, teach and, of course, entertain readers of our December publication.

One of them is our interviewee of the month, the current absolute and twice heavyweight No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu world champion.

Roberto “Tussa” Alencar was brilliant in becoming open weight champion at a riveting tournament, which further crowned Pablo Teixeira (Brazilian Fight), Caio Terra (Cesar Gracie), Baret Yoshida (Undisputed), Lucas Lepri (Alliance), Lucas Leite (CheckMat), Rômulo Barral (GB), Antonio Braga Neto (Gordo) and Josh Barnett (CSW).

Brimming with tactics and techniques, the article on Tussa pleased the folks in the newsroom. But, in a way, we felt something was missing regarding the behind-the-scenes life of the Gracie Barra teacher living in New Mexico.

Thus called on teachers Marco Joca and Rafael Freitas, otherwise known as agents Piu-Piu and MC Barata, to send in information on the champion’s celebrations, at Thanksgiving meal with the family of his fiancée.

What follows is the dossier on the champion and exclusive photos taken in Albuquerque.

Ample Thanksgiving Day meal. Photo: Rafael Freitas

Ample Thanksgiving Day meal. Photo: Rafael Freitas

“Look, he’s a star in the city. Wherever we go with him, we don’t pay for anything. All the establishment managers say, ‘It’s on the champions tab!’

‘Lunch on Thursday was chill. Ever since the No-Gi Worlds Tussa’s been back on his addiction: chocolate! He’s gained more than ten pounds, or five kilos.

“And now we know why he doesn’t ever tire at tournaments, the altitude is something else. You wear out just going up the stairs. He said, ‘You tired?’ Wait till tomorrow in training!’ Said and done. But it could be that when you get back to California you can work out for hours and not feel anything!

To finish, we send you a photo of him knocked out cold by the effects of the delicious turkey dinner!”

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