Anderson Silva: “I’m a mix of Brock Lesnar and Bob Sapp

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Anderson knocks out James Irvin, in photo by Josh Hedges

Anderson knocks out James Irvin, in photo by Josh Hedges

At one end of the line, in Los Angeles, is the famous 34-year-old Brazilian who sounds sleepy but picks up in his chat with quickly: “You’re a great friend, huh? When I was rich you were around all the time. Now I’m poor and unknown you never call anymore, you disappeared…”

There is no doubt who is speaking over the phone; it is Anderson Silva, the most feared fist-wielder in MMA. Recently having undergone surgery, the owner of the UFC under-185-pound belt went to the doctor yesterday, to figure out when he will be able to take up training again.

“He checked me out and said first thing is I have to not feel any pain, and carry one with physiotherapy. He said I should take up training again in 40 days. I don’t want to push it, but I can’t take it anymore. I’m like a mix of Brock Lesnar and Bob Sapp, I’m so heavy,” exaggerated Silva, who is has not lost a fight in 11 outings.

Treated by the doctor of sporting stars like Kobe Bryant, Anderson (25w, 4l) should be on ice for a while yet. So what happens to his February-scheduled title defense against Vitor Belfort, former training partner at Black House Team?

“Yeah, I’m in. I just want to get back to training first before thinking about the fight. I’m feeling down you know…”

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