Xande says why no-gi training is important; 2015 Worlds No-Gi registration check day

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gamenessToday, Nov. 3, is registration check day for the 2015 Worlds No-Gi.

If you asked the IBJJF to make any change in your registration data for the event, today is the day to check if everything is ok.

Click here to check the athletes’ list by division to see if you are in the right one.

If you find any thing incorrect with your name, weight division or belt ranking, email the IBJJF at ibjjf@ibjjf.com until 5PM (PT).

As we countdown for this year’s event, scheduled Nov. 7-8, in Long Beach, we go back to one of the greatest of all times as he shares his views on the importance of no-gi training.

Xande Ribeiro is one of the two black belts to have won the open class division both at the Gi and No-Gi Worlds (the other one is Buchecha).

When asked why he trains no-gi and what he has gained from doing it, Xande went back to his beginnings in the gentle art.

“My history in no-gi starts at the times of the Taparia, the open-hand MMA sessions common in Brazil. We didn’t have no-gi classes back then. You’d only find no-gi classes at the Luta Livre (Brazilian wrestling) academies. Later on, with the increasing popularity of the ADCC and other submission events, the no-gi culture started to grow within the Jiu-Jitsu community.”

Xande goes on to say in what way training without the kimono helped him: ” It has helped me in two main aspects of my game – position and precision. Sometimes, the use of the kimono might hide some elements of the technique and you can use your grip a lot as a helping tool. When I started training no-gi, my pressure and precision with the gi on reached another level. Whenever I train no-gi, I think that if I had the gi I could pass or sweep. With time, I got more precise and learn how to position myself better. My pressure on the opponent got better as well.”

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