BJJ Mental Coach: What will your legacy be?

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Gustavo Dantas competing / Photo by John Cooper

Gustavo Dantas competing / Photo by John Cooper

Imagine you are at a funeral of a friend, and your friend’s family asks you to say a few words about their son and how you will remember him and what his legacy was. Let’s say you do and it goes well. At that night as you go to sleep you think: “What will be my Legacy?”

That is what this blog post is about; what will your Legacy be? Maybe the story about my 2015 Worlds experience can help you.

On May 30th of 2015, I had the privilege of competing in the 20th Edition of the IBJJF World Championship. If you have been following my journey to qualify to compete at the Worlds, most likely you have read about the three steps to achieve any meaningful goal in your life: 1- Decision, 2-Action and 3-Perseverance. I took all three steps and accomplished my goal of qualifying and competing at the tournament, but I paid a price that I don’t regret at all.

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