Long Beach BJJ Pro: Vitor Oliveira comments victory over “Lapela” and distributes lessons

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Vitor Oliveira chokes Mafra. Photo: Ivan Trindade / GRACIEMAG

Vitor Oliveira chokes Mafra. Photo: Ivan Trindade / GRACIEMAG

GFTeam medium weight, Vitor Oliveira used pressure and accumulated tough wins at the Long Beach BJJ Pro, a Professional Jiu-Jitsu tournament conducted by IBJJF last Sunday in California.

The mission of Julio César’s student started against Nathan Mendelsohn, who ended up twisting his arm while trying to defend a takedown in the beginning of the fight and failed to return. Guaranteed in the final, Victor saw Marcelo “Lapela” Mafra pass Magid Hage (GB) on the other side of the bracket.

To keep the cash prize and the gold medal, the GFTeam black belt needed to forget the past, since Mafra had won last year. Closer to the rival’s attempts, Victor managed to get back and finish.

What Vitor learned from the conquest? GRACIEMAG discovered.

GRACIEMAG: What did you do differently to beat Marcelo Mafra in Long Beach?

VITOR OLIVEIRA: Marcelo is excellent. We exchanged some standing up to the moment he pulled me. His game fits perfectly with mine. As I had already lost to him last year, I went on already! I managed to pass and finish with a choke from the back. Tried to pass quickly and don’t let my arm get grabbed like I did in 2013. About the prize money, I think we are getting closer to the ideal scenario. This is very important to all athletes, because we have many expenses with training and also competitions. This only values us as professionals.

You drew attention with your throws in the pyramid of Long Beach. How is your training like?

Look, I do not practice throws a lot. I think it’s kind of natural, always liked. Sometimes I ask for a few tips from my teacher, Nick Wollack in the gym here in Ohio. But other than that I have not trained much. I have also avoided training hard by injuries account. I feel that my pace this year was not the same.

How did you improve your guard passes?

I can see myself a lot in Rodolfo Vieira. Of course I do not apply the guard passes with the same perfection, but I try to use the same steps he does. I have much to thank Professor Julio César and Rodolfo. I love to pass half-guard. A tip for the readers: try to do repetitions with your partner’s resistance, even a 50% resistance. After repeating and repeating the technique, look for applying it at the sparring session, just so you will develop it.

How is your diet to combine strength and conditioning?

My trainer JL Holdsworth who trains me at The Spot Athletics in Ohio makes my diet. Usually, I have scrambled eggs with tomato and spinach in the morning. Also, I take vitamin C, oats and some Multivitamin complex. I caught many tips from my girlfriend, Lora Hallock on dieting. Eating well is essential for the Jiu-Jitsu fighter.

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