Gracie family member launches new book

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Inspired by her love of food, her family tradition and with a worldwide cuisine experience, Angela Gracie decided to make people’s lives better by creating a unique recipe book based on the Gracie Diet developed by her grandfather, Carlos Gracie.


If you train Jiu-Jitsu, you are probably well familiarized with the Gracie Diet. At least, you have already heard of it at some point in a conversation about healthy eating with your “mat friends” or searching about BJJ on the Internet. If you don’t, I will try to summarize its concepts quickly here for you. The Gracie Diet suggests that you combine food properly in every meal, establishing the appropriate balance between its nourishments to keep the pH of meals as neutral as possible. Therefore, the food you consume will have better digestibility and consequently you will feel better. The ultimate goal of this diet is to maintain a healthy body since, as a result, you will be enhancing nutrient absorption and strengthening your immune system by eating well.


“I credit the discipline and the stamina that enabled me to fight a professional MMA bout over one hour and a half and to be the only UFC champion to beat four opponents in one night, in great part, to the Gracie Diet and many of the recipes contained in this book.” — Royce Gracie, UFC Hall of Fame

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The author of the Gracie Diet Recipe Book, Angela Gracie Gazio was born and raised in the Gracie family. Her mother is Roseclair Gracie, daughter of Grandmaster Carlos Gracie, the person who created the Gracie Diet. Growing up in the Gracie family, Angela understood the necessity of eating well to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. “My grandfather Carlos lived until age 94 and was never sick, and we attribute that to the diet he developed,” she wrote at her website


Angela began her career at the age of 16, modeling for the biggest magazines, advertisers, and photographers in Brazil. Because of her job as a model Angela traveled around the world; she worked in Europe, Asia and the USA. With time and getting to know different places and cultures, she started to appreciate even more the art of cuisine as she learned about and experienced foods from all around the world.


Now, besides her modeling career, Angela Gracie is also a mom and a businesswoman. She has a 16-year-old daughter, from her first marriage, named Karmem, and, in addition to creating delicious and healthy dishes, Angela divides her time between being the director of the Royce Gracie Australia Network and, together with her husband Luke Beston, she runs a full-time Gracie Jiu-Jitsu academy in Newcastle, Australia.


GRACIEMAG: How was growing up in a family that is so conscious about eating healthy?

Angela Gracie: Growing up was very confusing for me, since I grew up spending time between my mother’s Gracie and father’s Gazio families. For these two families, each had a very different point of view as to what was considered healthy eating. At the same time I was very fascinated all the time that I spent with my Gracie family with all the required discipline and specific times to eat. I did learn a lot and because of that I was able to have flexibility and understand a lot about food and health in general.

GRACIEMAG: What is your book about?

Angela Gracie: My book is all about how to be able to cook great-tasting food and at the same time making it simple and healthy. With most people so busy in our modern lifestyles, I also focused on recipes that people are able to cook in a short time. Of course, the guiding principle of all meals is that the ingredients are based on the rules of the Gracie Diet.

GRACIEMAG: How did you come up with the idea to write this recipe book?

Angela Gracie: Everybody knows about the Gracie diet, but very few people outside our family know what to do with the rules and how to actually apply them. So I decided to step in and help to connect the dots. I get asked all the time at the academy, when I travel, and via the Internet for advice about the diet and it is my passion to help teach something I really believe in. I’ve been thinking about writing for a long time, a lot of planning went into the design of the book and finally I was able to make it happen. I wanted to create something that was truly special and become part of the legacy of our family.

GRACIEMAG: How the Gracie Diet inspired you to create these recipes?

Angela Gracie: The Gracie diet is a great way to eat and when you learn the combinations and other rules you learn a different appreciation for food. I love my juices and sometimes when you explain the concept to people they think that we have a weird way to have it. However once they try for themselves they are completely surprised with how good it tastes. My whole inspiration comes from my childhood and growing up learning how to be healthy and feeling great.

GRACIEMAG: What is your favorite recipe in the book? And why?

Angela Gracie: There are so many of them its very hard to choose as variety is important to me, but if I had to pick I would choose the polenta as my favorite. The reason for that is although I always liked polenta there was always missing something. I didn’t really enjoy it 100% until I decide to step into the kitchen and try something different and now it is my favorite. It is worth trying it, the taste is just amazing! My book is full of tips to encourage the reader experiment and make their own discoveries, which is such a rewarding experience.

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