Saturday Treasure: Roger Gracie’s last step on a Worlds mat

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Looking through GRACIEMAG’s archives of the Worlds, we came across this picture of Roger Gracie in 2010.

Seems like an ordinary image, but it isn’t.

It portraits the actual last step taken by Roger on a mat of a World Jiu-Jitsu Championship (until now, of course, once Roger can still comeback, but that seems unlikely).

Notice that Roger is holding the trophy of three-time black belt open class champion, a title only he has so far.

He had just received it from IBJJF, after having his arm raised without having to fight the absolute final because Romulo Barral got injured in the medium-heavyweight final against Tarsis Humphreys.

Another detail in this image is the presence of Xande Ribeiro in the stands, in the white gi.

A two-time absolute champion himself, Xande missed the opportunity to fight for that trophy when he lost the semifinal match to Rômulo Barral.

Unlike Roger, now a UFC fighter, Xande will be present at the 2013 Worlds.

He already confirmed he will be competing in the open class and who can doubt Xande has all the tools needed to get his third gold.

As an extra gift, here is Roger’s last fight in the World Championship open class division, the 2010 semifinal against Rodrigo Cavaca.

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