Techniques hound picks up on one of Braga Neto’s tricks

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Braga Neto against Mãozinha at Brazilian Nationals 2009 / Photo: Gustavo Aragão

For a long time, when there was no internet to rely on, one of the traditional ways to learn new techniques was to watch gentle art competitions, tuning in to what the aces of the mat were doing around the gymnasium, to pick up valuable techniques.

These days, there’s still plenty you can learn by doing so, of course. However, now technology has been added to the mix to make things easier for these Jiu-Jitsu hounds.

For example, one of these techniques sleuths captured some of the tricks Antonio Braga Neto uses to pass guard, in the video below. Instead of getting to watch once at the gymnasium, through video one can watch as many times as one would like to, to get all the ins and outs of the technique in question. Now when it’s posted on Youtube, thousands of practitioners the world over have access to the technique, which is now also here on

Check it out:

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