It’s on! UFC 197 to feature RDA vs. McGregor; Holm vs. Tate, March 5, in Las Vegas


The UFC has not officially announced but GRACIEMAG.com has been able to independently confirm that UFC 197’s main event will be a battle between champions in Rafael dos Anjos and Conor McGregor.

Bleacher Report first broke the news earlier today that the March 5th card, in Las Vegas, will also feature Holly Holm’s first title defense against number 2 in the ranking, Miesha Tate. GRACIEMAG.co was also able to confirm that Holm will fight Tate.

The news of the fight between RDA and McGregor confirms what UFC President said right after the Irish fighter beat Jose Aldo for the featherweight belt: “If McGregor moves up to lightweight, his first fight will be for the belt.”

After that statement, Dos Anjos demolished Donald Cerrone to keep his title in the lightweight division.

Holly Holm will face the best ranked female after Ronda Rousey after news broke that the champion did not want to wait for Rousey to be able to come back for a rematch, probably on UFC 200, this July.

White also confirmed that Holm would fight at least once before the rematch against Ronda.

The UFC should confirm the two bouts for UFC 197 in the next hours.




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  1. I just hope this fight will push through. This is a real test to Mcgregor because Dos Anjos has been in the lightweight for a long time now – keeping in mind how he destroyed Pettis. With that, I think Mcgregor has the right to demand more money for the fight as he is a featherweight braving his way to lightweight. This is going to be an exciting match. You can also see updates on the development of the news here – http://www.dafabetsports.com/en/


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