BJJ Mental Coach: Did I earn the medal?

Gustavo Dantas
Gustavo Dantas

On April 11th, 2015 I competed in the Black Belt/Adult/Light weight division at the IBJJF Rome International Open in Rome, Italy. The division included six athletes, seasoned competitors and young new talents as well. For the first time in my career I encountered a new experience, I had one match, lost and took third place.

I lost my match to Samuel Hertzog (2013 Abu Dhabi World Championship Adult Silver Medalist) by 2×0 (50/50 sweep). Samuel ended up losing the finals to one of the best feather/light weights in the World, Bruno Frazzato from Atos, by advantages (3×0).

“Should I even keep the medal?”

“Did I earn the medal?”

“Should I feel embarrassed about it?”

If you have experienced this before, maybe some of these thoughts have floated around your mind at some point. If you haven’t experienced this situation before, you might know someone who has, or at least you have an opinion about it.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning me, and yes you should value every single teaching that Jiu-Jitsu brings to our life. Think about how many people gave up in the lower belts, so first you're a winner for reaching the black belt, second you had courage enough to put your name on the line. Thinking like that we can be sure that even though there were six guys in the brackets, together we left hundreds behind! Thank you for the fight and once again sorry for the eye poke… Oss!


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