Video: Women’s program takes off at GMA C3 Athletics/Cesar Pereira

Some of the women at GMA C3 Athletics/Cesar Pereira. Photo: Personal archive
Some of the women at GMA C3 Athletics/Cesar Pereira. Photo: Personal archive

Women don’t always need their very own class to start training but it certainly helps. The women who train at GMA C3 Athletics/Cesar Pereira in Stamford, CT earned their very own class two months ago and now the total of girls training is 13.

While some were already training with the guys in the regular classes, there were the ones who joined just recently given that they had each other and only each other to begin their Jiu-Jitsu journey. It helps when women have other women to train with because men can be intimidating. We know that Jiu-Jitsu was made for the weaker, smaller person however it takes a few lessons before realizing this. And an introduction can be scary without someone your own size.

Cesar Pereira has created an atmosphere for the women where they can learn and face similar challenges with similar people who will know what they’re going through.

He says, “Everything started with beginners/ fundamental class. As I had women in this class, I decided to open a women’s class, because some women felt more comfortable training among each other than with guys, also women who never tried BJJ before, and watched the class felt less intimidated. I’m always saying to them that BJJ is a self-defense for itself, that they can get self-confidence to face the problems even outside of the mat and get in shape, of course.”

Watch this highlight of the women’s program at C3 Athletics/Cesar Pereira and learn more about the program at www.c3athletics.com



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  1. Bjj has change my life. I used to be a stay home mom. Then one day decided to go to C3 Atletics to check out the kick box class tought that can help me loose weight. Which of course i did. But then I got curious to look into their bjj class. Which for some reason keep caching my attention so I decided to try it after the professor told me bjj is gentle art. Very eagerly I join this new,sport and yes it is gentle as oppose to punch or kick like in kickboxing .. I been doing bjj for a year now and I'm so happy I made the right thing for my mind body and soul. Bjj is my life. Thanks to all my teammates and my professor Cesar Pereira support I have a life. Bjj gave me a drive to keep going and to never give up


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