Bad Blood: Anthony Bourdain tells the story of Jones vs. Cormier

January 3 is the day one of the biggest rivalries in UFC history will be settled.

Light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones will face #1 contender Daniel Cormier in a highly anticipated fight headlining UFC 182, in Las Vegas.

The two make no effort to hide the fact that they are more than rivals, but plain and simple enemies.

Watch the countdown video prepared by the UFC with TV host Anthony Bourdain as the narrator of this event filled with bad blood.




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  1. " Jon Jones & Daniel Cormier both effectively undefeated in mixed martial arts who've reached the Zenith of their craft they're now celestial bodies on an inevitable collision course where extreme violence is the only absolute." ~~~ Bourdain's narration of this piece, coupled w/ the intensity of the match itself, is a masterful recipe in fighting history.


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