IJF-ranked judo athletes barred from competing in other international grappling events

Ronda Rousey teaching judo throws
Ronda Rousey teaching judo throws

The International Judo Federation sent an email message today to its network of official schools and national confederations stating that IJF-ranked judo athletes are not allowed to compete in other international grappling events.

Contacted, GRACIEMAG’s columnist Jimmy Pedro confirmed the news.

“I just heard that the USA Judo got this letter today. It says that if you are ranked in the IJF, you can’t compete in other grappling events on an international level,” told us Jimmy, who is a two-time olympic medalist and the coach of Kyla Harrison, the first US athlete to win an olympic gold in judo.

Pedro, who is also a member of the USA Judo’s High Performance Committee, said that the measure does not seat well with him: “The athletes are not employed by the IJF, so it does not have authority to do that.”

One of the athletes that could be affected by the measure is also US Olympian Travis Stevens, who is known for competing in Jiu-Jitsu events like Copa Pódio, World Jiu-Jitsu Expo and several IBJJF events.



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  1. …the silver lining to this…is that this is what will finally get Judokas to realize that the IJF is there for us…not the other way around.

  2. I was a fighting Judoka when Jimmy's father (Jimmy Sr.) was the top dog. In fact I fought Jimmy Sr. in San Fransisco, in the first round of Nationals, 1979. The Pedros lead because they fight and earn the respect of the Judo community. As a contemporary Active Dojo Coach now I need access to Jimmy Jr. and Ms. Rousey so that I can help them continue to oppose the inequitie that I was fighting against in 1972-80 in Indiana. We won that local battle and gained control of our Governing Body's finances, spending it All on the Athletes travel. Although the victory was short lived, it proved that Victories can be won. I say now,"Let's ALL fight on!"


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