Cesar Pereira leads C3 Athletics team to earn 14 medals at CT State Championship 2014

C3 team at the CT State Tournament 2014. Photo: Personal Archive
C3 team at the CT State Tournament 2014. Photo: Personal Archive

Over the weekend on Sept. 20, the 2014 Connecticut State BJJ Championship was held in New Milford, CT. One of the teams present on the competition mats was GMA C3 Athletics under Cesar Pereira who traveled from Stamford, CT.

When Cesar was not standing in as a referee in the middle of the mats he was coaching his students.

Overall, the team earned 4 gold, 7 silver and 3 bronze medals. Here are the athletes and their results:

Alucha Menni /Kids Male White/Grey Rooster – Gold/Bronze
Alexa Broems /Kids Female White Middle – Gold
Ioannis Economids /Kids Male Grey Middle – Silver
Trevor Perkins /Junior Male White Light – Bronze
Evyn Nile Christiansen /Junior Female White Medium-Heavy – Bronze
Nicole Melendez /Adult Female White Medium-Heavy – Silver
Alexis Davalos /Adult Male White Light
Eric Gonzalez /Adult Male White Ultra-Heavy – Gold
David Rodriquez /Adult Male Blue Middle – Gold & Open Class Silver
Ryan Duhe /Master 1 Male White Medium-Heavy – Silver
Katherine Ng /Master 2 Female White Light – Silver
Young Kim /Master 2 Male White Ultra-Heavy – Silver
Mario Silva /Master 2 Male Blue Light

4_GB72_StampSiteA standout athlete for the team was David Rodriguez who not only won gold in his blue belt adult middleweight division but also earned silver in the blue belt adult open weight class.

Learn more about C3 Athletics at www.c3athletics.com



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  1. Cesar is an amazing instructor. My skills have improved so much in a year it shocked me. Gi or no gi, Cesar should be your go to teacher for all your BJJ needs. The family welcomes you!

  2. Bianca Christiansen · Edit

    Best instructor & family unit, hands down. Cesar has given my family a new confidence. We have all become better people under his instruction. Looking forward to the next competition! Oss

  3. Congrats to the entire C3 BJJ family and Cesar Pereira Bjj!!!! You have changed my life and have changed my families life. I am proud to be apart of your team! Osssss!!!!

  4. Cesar Pereira is the best teacher/coach anyone could ask for. He truly cares about his art and it shows. He has been a father figure to my wife and myself and has helped us improve in Jiu Jitsu as well as life. I am proud to be his student and part of the team/family.

  5. Debbie Anderson Perkins · Edit

    This was my 10 yr. old Junior 1st tournament after starting BJJ just 3 months ago at C3 with Cesar Pereira Bjj The mutual respect between teacher and student is evident. We can't thank Cesar and the C3 team of instructors and families for their supportive and encouraging words. Cesar got a tired, overwhelmed, teary eyed kid back on the mat in front of hundreds of people to perform again at the best he could. Wow. Trevor can't wait for today's class and is already planning on competing again. He reminds Me that's it's time to get to C3.

  6. My wife, brother, daughter and myself all train under Cesar pereia not only is he a great instructor he loves what he does and strives to see everyone of his students succeed I am proud to call him my professor and friend.

  7. My 4 year old son, Alesha Kutsenko (Kids Male White/Grey Rooster), won 2 medals gold and bronze in the the 2014 Connecticut State BJJ Championship which was held on Sept. 20 in New Milford, CT. He is fighting for C3 Athletics, the best BJJ club, with the best instructors. Thank you, Cesar! Thank you Roger!

  8. I am proud to be a part of this family / team . Cesar is a world class BJJ professor and it is an honor and blessing to be one of his students / friends .

  9. Cesar is one of the best BJJ instructors I've had the honor and privilege to work with and train under in the 6 years I have been in martial arts. He has truly become a father figure to many and a role model to all. He has earned the respect from his students because of his teaching style, his discipline, and the respect he gives everyone no matter their level. His love for BJJ shows on the mats, he is passionate about this sport and teaching others, he loves the family and team he has built, and this is why he is such a great instructor. Oooosss!


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